Thursday, November 6, 2008


I have a love affair with fabric. Sadly, most of the fabric I own I don't use. When I go to a fabric store I can't resist buying some, for all the projects I am going to do. They remain, as of yet, undone.

But not this time. I bought this fabric on Sunday and tonight I sewed it into napkins for Thanksgiving. Though they are far from perfect (you'd be amazed at how I can mess up sewing even just a simple napkin) the fabric is darling, and I sewed something. 10 somethings! Hurrah!


Erin McDonald said...

I just found this blog and had to tell you I LOVE IT! I am also a avid fabric buyer and don't really ever use it for what I had intended it for. But I do use it for gift wrap or sew my own cards or just need a patch of something here or there! So I say keep on keepen on Sister! One day we will have to sew together!

Greta said...

You were my inspiration in the sewing department. I really didn't believe I could do it until that day you helped me sew that blanket I made for James. It was at you and Justin's first apartment in Riverside. Remember? Since then I have made like 5 more things! But, I really liked making those napkins, and I think I am going to make more for everyday use, not just Thanksgiving. Which is what those napkins are for. Ta ta, my pal.