Sunday, November 16, 2008

Felt Club--Oh the Goodness!

Felt Club!  Yes, Felt Club.  The goodness of this weekend culminated in my trip to Felt Club's holiday extravaganza. It was a crafty bazaar of coolness, cuteness, some strangeness and lots of feltyness.  It was really fun.  

I could have just photographed all the hipster kiddos I saw there.  I wonder who dressed them?  It seems cooler if they dressed themselves, but I suspect that their hipster mommies and daddies had something to do with it. 

Or I could have photographed all the cool people I saw there.  I saw a guy with one good lookin handlebar mustache. He was young and holding an adorable baby girl in his arms.  I wanted to ask if I could take his picture because the 2 of them looked so great together, but I didn't have the guts.  I guess I am not a real photographer yet. Someday I hope to have the nerve to walk up to complete strangers and ask to take their picture.  At least I have something to aspire to.

But I digress.  The real reason we went was for the crafts of course.  I snapped a few photos of things I liked.  There is no rhyme or reason to these photos.  It was mostly about getting a shot before someone walked in front of me. It was crowded.

I admired this girl's spunk.  he didn't make into Felt Club as a vendor, so she just sold her stuff outside.  From her bike.  Cool.

She also had her knitting (or is that crochet?  I am so uncrafty) ready to go on her stool.  To knit (or crochet) between customers I assume.  
That brings me to one question:  Are you ready to craft????

If you'd rather buy than make, I've listed some of the vendors I like here.


Tom said...

I feel your pain on the photographic shyness thing... Dori and I are shooting our first wedding next weekend, so we'll have some serious getting-over-it to do.

Ask Erin about the time when we were in Bicol and I took pictures at a woman's funeral... got one of her in the casket and her husband sitting close by... that was the bravest I've ever been with a camera in my hand.

Greta said...

Tom! How cool you look at my blog. I am always excited about new people checking it out. It really is so much fun to walk around with a camera in your hand all the time, isn't it? It will be cooler when I can just take pics at will.
Have fun shooting the wedding. I know you will do a great job. I hope to see some of the shots.