Friday, March 13, 2009

More Collaging

I did some crafting today.  Collaging to be precise.  I know that is not a verb (see previous post) but I am turning it into one.  I am falling in love with collaging.  It incorporates my love of paper, design, color, storytelling and now that I am using photos, photography.  Oh, and I don't have to draw my own pictures, I use other people's.  I used to feel badly about this, that I wasn't really an artist, but come to find out, lots of "artists" do this.  I still don't consider myself an artist.  I know what a real artist looks like, I am married to one.  However, I am developing an artistic eye, and I am beginning to dare to call myself a photographer and a crafter.

We made these at my mom's group today.  It didn't take long at all.  The most lengthy part of the process was laying out my design.  Last night I picked my photo and my papers and came up with a design.  Today all I had to do was make a few tweaks to the design and decoupage everything to the board.

In case you are feeling collagy, here is all you need to make one yourself:
A board or canvas to act as the base for your collage
A photograph or 2 to decoupage to the base
Papers and/or other embellishments of your choice (stamps, stickers, glitter, sand, tissue paper, buttons, you get the idea)
Glue stick
Decoupage glue (such as Modge Podge)

Arrange the papers, photographs and embellishments on your base.  Use the glue stick to attach any papers or stickers to each other before laying them on the base.  Use a thin coat of decoupage glue to attach everything to your base, layer by layer.  The more coats of decoupage glue you use, the more opaque it will become.  I like mine pretty clear, so I use very thin coats.  

It's very easy, and lots of fun.  I was so energized by this hour and a half to create something that my head immediately filled with designs for at least 3 more.  Unfortunately, real life called when I got home, so I did the dished and fed the kids.  But I put my collage in the window where I could look at it while I swept and dusted and dreamed of my next collage.  
I love being a crafty Mama!


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