Friday, August 14, 2009

The Norge Sign

If you live in Long Beach, there is a great likely hood that you know the Norge Cleaners sign. You've seen it a hundred times as you walk or drive down 2nd St, on your way to one of the 14 coffee shops or to Taco Surf.

Your interaction with the sign though could have taken a couple different directions. I think a lot of people just walk right by the sign. They see it, but they don't see it. Others, might think, "that is a really weird sign. Why haven't they changed it?" They like improvement. Fake California craftsman and stacked rock or whatever is the current building trend in strip mall development.
But me? Me?
I love this sign.
Those polka dots. Red. Yellow. Turquoise. My favorite colors.
I hope they never take it down.


the shoppe owner said...

You have painfully good taste. Really, you do.

pupandpony said...

Yes, notice the same colors in the Pup & Pony logo. We have loved this Norge ball as well!