Monday, November 2, 2009

Making Plans

It's November. I can hardly believe it.
It is time for making plans.
Thanksgiving plans. We're hosting again this year, but it still feels like the first time. It's our first Thanksgiving in this house. It gives me even more reason to finish up projects: art for the wall over the couch, paint that end table next to the couch, find a base for the kitchen table, make that collage for the kids' room....I may not get it all, or any of it, done, but it feels good to make plans.

I'm making plans for dinner. Can I borrow some white plates from someone? Our guest list is growing. And should I make new napkins for this year, or add to the ones I have?
I'm trying to find the perfect recipe for rolls. I want to make the rolls this year. Last year all I could think about was the turkey, but I'm not afraid of him anymore. So this year: rolls.
I tried a recipe yesterday. They were good, but not perfect. I want perfect.

It's time for making decorations. Not for carving pumpkins, but covering them with sparkling glitter. The boys and I used so much glitter last year that our guests left the house covered in it. Everything sparkled. But this year I am thinking of something different. Maybe this?

In the past, Thanksgiving was never a big deal to me. As a kid, I thought it was the worst holiday. So lame--who cares that much about food? Now it is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I am teaching my children the joy of sharing our home with our friends and family. I am trying to teach them to be thankful now and everyday.

But, as much as I love Thanksgiving, I can't help thinking about this......

Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to eclipse Thanksgiving's glory. I won't be playing Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving. I am not even wandering the Christmas isles at Target yet.

But, I can't help thinking about it. Because I love Christmas.

I love my vintage Santa mug collection.

I love Christmas jammies. (Which I do have to find now, cause the good ones are always gone in December.)
Time to plan our Christmas card. I didn't get one out last year. Of course, I want to make them myself. I love a good Christmas card.

Time to plan homemade gifts. Every year I make huge batches of lemon bread to share with neighbors and friends.
And other homemade gifts, too: felt food to go with the vintage kitchen set we're giving the kids, photos, and art by my sweet hubby. Last year he made linoleum block prints for some lucky recipients. I love handmade gifts.

Besides my love for Christmas, there is another reason I have to make plans for it now. You see, in our house we suffer from something called "The Christmas Curse." you can read about it here. Often the whole of December is lost to us, or at least a good part of it. I never know how little time I will have for all my plans, so, I had better get busy.

What are your plans for the holidays?


pupandpony said...

Please tell Aaron that I never received my linoleum print. And yet I know he knows just where I live. But I also know that our mail service seems somewhat unreliable. Yes. That must be it. The post man mis-delivered.

Please let Aaron know the postman mis-delivered my lovely lino print.


Greta said...

How about you'll be on the list this year. It might be another trailer. He has a love affair with them. We have a large painting of one hanging in our living room. Or it might be a hotel sign.
Probably something you'll like.

I hope I see you at the Patchwork craft show!