Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bookmark This for Next Fall: Turkey Handprints

Do you make turkey hand prints with your kids?
Sadly I didn't start until last year, but now, it has become tradition.

I like to see how their hands, and artistic technique changes from year to year.

Last year Lilly was only 6 months old and I couldn't get her to lay her hand flat, so she did a turkey footprint. Isn't it cute?
That year we used paint, brown for the body (palm) and red, orange and yellow for the feathers (fingers). Then we painted on the legs, beak, eye etc with paint brushes.

This year I made it easier and we used a big red ink pad for a whole hand print. Then we used markers to add color to the feathers and, in the case of Lilly, the rest of the picture.

I love that last year she couldn't even lay her hand flat and this year she was scribbling all over her page. William's turkey has fat, fat legs and James took extra special care to write his name neatly.
These are sweet, simple keepsakes and you know I am a big fan of simple.

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