Wednesday, January 27, 2010

For the Love of books

I hit another used book sale a couple of weeks ago and just got around to shooting some of my favorites. And because I am so book obsessed, I am sharing them with you. Even though, most of them probably hold no particular interest to anyone but me.
Unless you have great taste.

I spotted this book about a little astronaut and knew it was perfect for James' 6th birthday.
He wants a space party.

These illustrations will be perfect for the invitations. Because, even though I am married to an artist, I am in no way guaranteed art. You know, like the cobbler's children have no shoes?
I'm just saying it's good to have a back up plan. And now I have one. And it only cost me 25 cents.

This book, Look Out For Pirates, is a favorite from Nana and Papa's house. The boys were so, so excited to have their own copy.
I am so, so excited by that cover. Isn't it great?

And I love those outfits the sailors are wearing. Nice bandannas.

This one? How could I not buy this book? It is too awesome for words.

And this spread? Well, it made me swoon.
Let me just tell you that Aaron and I are working on some art for the big. empty wall over our couch and this map will be prominently featured.

Ever tried donkey milk before? Reindeer?

I've had yak. I don't recommend it.

Have you picked up yet on my vintage text book obsession yet? Here's another one.

I don;t know what it is about them, but I just love them.

The graphics, the colors, the simplicity, the randomness of many of them. The tremendous difference between them and present day text books. (which I think, not surprisingly, stink in comparison)

This one though, was a real treasure. I love this one. It is so pretty. So old. So sweet.
Who carried this with them on bird watching hikes?

The color illustrations are beautiful. I plan on photocopying them and hanging them about my house.

And I love the names of the different birds.
The Warblers. I love that already.
Myrtle Warbler. A little old lady bird.
Tennessee Warbler. We know where they're from.
Pileolated Warbler. From the Latin pileus. Look it up.

Books give me great joy. Thank you for indulging me.
I'll be back tomorrow with list # 2. Are you working on yours yet?????


marisa said...

amazing finds... that first children's book is so sweet. i just love hunting book fairs for vintage books.

stumbled on your blog somehow, cheers!

Erin McDonald said...

can you let me know what gives us milk here in the Philippines!thanks