Sunday, February 7, 2010

List # 3--Things I Want, but I've Never Told Anyone

Hi all. Happy Monday to you.
I had a busier than usual weekend. 2, full-day activities have left me feeling rather exhausted. I also missed naps on both days.
But sometimes, it's worth it. Both days were filled with lots of wondrous things.
More on that later. Right now I want to get to List # 3.
I have so many ideas for lists floating around in my head that I am having a hard time posting just 1 a week. I want to do it more often. But I am trying to pace myself.

Inspired yet again by Hula Seventy, (see this post -- she rocks!) I came up with this list idea last week. Just to clarify, it is not a way to not so subtly tell the world the things I want so that someone will step up and give them to me. It is just a random list of things I'd like to be a part of my life. Really, I think we all have some things we want but never tell anyone, so this might just be a way for you to realize you are not alone. (see this for more on that)
Without further ado,
List # 3:
Things I Want, but I've Never Told Anyone

1. I want someone to throw me an awesome birthday party. It doesn't have to be a surprise. Just pay attention to details (like this) and plan it for me.
2. I want to like shrimp. I really do. Also, lobster, crab and scallops. I don't like any of them. And I feel like I should. In fact, you are probably judging me right now because I don't like them. It's the texture. They are so......thick. And I've had them from good restaurants. I'm not talking Red Lobster here. The only shrimp I ever liked was while we were in the Cinque Terre, in Italy. It was caught a few hours before we ate it, in the water a few feet from the restaurant we were eating in. It melted in my mouth.
So maybe what I really want is to go back to Italy.
3. I want a housekeeper. Who doesn't?
4. I want to get a pedicure and manicure every week. I will never do this for 2 reasons. Time and money. But I would love to. I would feel so pretty. Well groomed, might describe it better. A woman who has well shaped brows, and has her nails done too, is akin to a supermodel in my book.
I am lucky if remember to check for food stuck in my braces.
5. I want to play water polo. I love water polo. It is such a tough, aggressive sport. There is a part of me that rather enjoys being aggressive. I played a tiny bit, just for fun, while I was taking swimming in junior college and I liked it a lot. I am sure there is an adult women's league somewhere.
Of course, I'd have to be able to swim across the pool a few times without getting winded.
6. I want to sew. Here's the problem. Patterns, measurements and such trouble me no little bit. They are full of math. And math troubles me a lot. Have you noticed I am a word girl? So I am put off by the technical part of it. And I am not one to just wing it. I don't have enough natural ability in the sewing department to make that work. But the thought of sewing my own clothes, something that would fit me just right, and be fabric that I picked out, well that very, very much appeals to me. Not to mention whipping up a pair of curtains, some pillows or a tiny dress for my baby girl.
7. I want to take all 3 of my kids to art museums. At the same time. They are 5, 3 and 1. Taking the 5 year old would be a piece of cake. It would be a whole lot of fun, actually. Even the 3 year old would be fine. He just might not have as much stamina as his older brother. And I could manage the 2 of them together.
It's that wild card I'm worried about. Lilly, the 1 year old. I have a terrible vision of her getting out of the stroller, darting off, knocking into a priceless statue and causing a whole lot horrifically embarrassing problems.
Yet, I feel like if I were a really together mom I would be spending afternoons at the art museum with the 3 of them, and we'd be sitting quietly on a bench together studying the use of the light in the art of Impressionist movement. Sigh.
(will take advice on this matter if you have any)
8. I want to give up and just wear a mumu for this entire pregnancy. Or sweats. Neither is attractive, but I am really going for comfort here. And it is not like I am a cute pregnant girl anyway, so why not just go for it? If you see any cute mumus when you're out shopping, pick one up for me.

So tell me, what do you want that you haven't told anyone?
What other lists are you making?
Don't forget to come back tomorrow. I have a few fantastic links I want to share with you.

I want to go to bed now.
PS. And don't forget the party games.

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jennifer said...

i concur with the throw me a party one! i remember seeing that gorgeous party way back when it was posted and fell in love with it immediately. what a great list. love it!