Friday, April 2, 2010

Forget Pastels--How About Jewel Tone Eggs?

We love to dye eggs. I could dye dozens. They are just so beautiful. And watching that white egg turn into a bright, beautiful color is just magical.
I never, ever tire of it.
This year, I decided to add a little something new to our egg dying traditions.
Just the smallest addition. It required no extra work on my part. And I am so happy with the way it turned out. I came across the idea in one of my favorite magazines, Sunset.

Jewel toned eggs. don't you love them?
All you have to do to get these magnificent colors is use brown eggs.
That's right! Brown eggs.
So we picked up a dozen brown, dyed them along side our white ones and I am in love. Their colors are rich and deep and almost seem to have a patina.
I like them a whole lot. That's really saying something because the bright, cheery pastels are nearly impossible to beat in my book. These jewels don't beat them, they just add a nice difference to our Easter egg repertoire.
So if you haven't done your eggs yet, or just want to do more because it is so fun (I am not kidding--really is one of my favorite holiday activities of all time) then try some brown eggs.
You'll love them.
Thanks Sunset!


Lillian said...

My favorite dyed eggs are the pastels. But I really like that blue and I light orange is quite nice.
I can't believe I have finally stopped dyeing eggs for Easter.

Jackie cook said...

They are beautiful and have an interesting sheen. You are such a clever girl

Annie said...

Love them! What do you use for color? Last year we dyed brown eggs, but the color wasn't strong enough and we had a hard time getting them to show the color much.