Wednesday, April 7, 2010

List # 6 of the 52 Lists: My Food Rules

I heard about this book a while ago, and I wanted to read it. Then I forgot. This post reminded me of it, and I wanted to read it again. It sounds interesting.
It got me thinking. What are my food rules?
I decided to create my own list. It sounded like fun.
Now, don't get me wrong, his food rules seem to be primarily about healthy eating. Maybe some of mine are, but they are also about cooking, taste and ingredient preference. Basically, if it has to do with food, it might be on my list.
So here goes, my food rules.

List # 6: My Food Rules

1. You can't go wrong with brushetta.
2. If you can, make it yourself.
3. Half and half is the only thing worth having in coffee.
4. Kosher salt. Always.
5. Adding arugula to most anything makes it taste better.
6. Soft boiled eggs are best. And not just for breakfast--try one on a salad. Trust me.
7. If you want something to taste better, add more butter.
8. Make fruit salad for breakfast every day in summer.
9. Everyone should have at least 2 no-fail recipes. You know, those ones people ask you to bring to a bbq.
10. Roast your vegetables.
11. Make a big salad at dinner so you'll have lunch for tomorrow.
12. Soup is a meal.
13. Buy good olive oil.
14. You really can use whole wheat flour for white flour.
15. It's OK to splurge on food sometimes.

So....what are your food rules?
Tell me, I'd love to know.

I'll be back tomorrow with a recipe for you. It's one of my answers to rule # 9. My favorite pasta salad. You may want to make it for a bbq this weekend. And if you do, people will ask you to bring it again.

One more thing, please, please don't think I won't enjoy myself if I come to your house and you don't serve me arugula. That is the danger with these kind of posts. When I posted something about wanting to get my eyebrows done, everyone began looking at my eyebrows.
I assure you, if you serve me skim milk with my coffee (an abomination) or even almond milk, I'll drink it happily. These are the food rules for my house, where I eat most of the time. Capeesh?

Now go have some coffee with half and half and don't forget to put kosher salt on your soft boiled egg.
PS For some other people's food rules, go here.

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Betsi* said...

Hey Greta,
I have to jump on this bandwagon! Firstly, I read your title with a different inflection and it made me laugh, as in "My food RULES!!"
1. If you can make it or bake it, don't buy it premade.
2. Cumin seed should be added to just about every spicy, savory dish.
3. Always add 1 and 1/2 times the vanilla extract (please no imitation vanilla flavoring) reccomended for a baked good recipe.
4. If your stone ground whole wheat flour is gritty, it's because you aren't buying the right kind.
5. Refined is great for table manners but no for food.
6. Eat close to nature, experiment with herbs, and risk it.
7. Never eat my husband's 250% casserole. (i.e. 50% spaghetti, 50% enchiladas, 50% jumbalaya, 50% lasgna, 50% tacos, 50% cheese.)