Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Vintage Playground Equipment

The kids and I recently visited Atlantis Park for the first time. Atlantis Park is in the city of Garden Grove and it was built in the 60s. To some, that would be a good reason not to go. But I fell in love with it as soon as we walked in.
You know I love vintage--even vintage playground equipment.

There was Sandy the Sea Serpent. He's just right for climbing on.
And Danny the Sea Dragon, a much loved slide.
His long tail starts in the trees
and spits you out at the bottom of the hill.
A sea horse rocking horse. So cute I'd like to put him in my own back yard.
But this whale, o the whale.
He really stole my heart.

Here's the thing about vintage. It's worn, it's old, it's paint might be chipped and cracked. It isn't streamlined or space aged or the newest thing.
But it has character. It has a story. It's fun.
And I love it.

I'm glad to find a playground that is devoid of foam padding on the ground, and perfectly safety tested equipment.
I like a little soul.
I like a slide that is a blue whale tongue.
I like vintage.


Four Flights said...

Oh man we;ve been meaning to try this park out. you have now inspired me to! Gotta get on it before it gets blazin' hot :)

Anonymous said...

We go there quite often. We enjoy the quiet days but have had to leave when big busses full of unsupervised ill-behaved children invade and take over, ugh. The dragon slide is my kids favorite.