Monday, July 12, 2010

The View From My Weekend

Just a few pictures from the weekend.  We went camping at the beach, brought home some treasures and had a splendid lunch.  

Our vintage mugs ready for coffee around the campfire on Saturday morning.

Treasures from the sea ready to display on our nature table: black sea fans, unidentified bird bones, and parts of a lobster shell.

The perfect lunch for a summer afternoon: olive bread, (my absolute favorite) a ripe heirloom tomato from the farmers market, thickly sliced, a few slices of good quality dried salami, goat cheese with sun dried tomatoes and olive oil.  Heaven on a plate.

Hoping your weekend found you enjoying some simple summer pleasures.
Love from,

*To see more pics from our getaway and a review of the campground, visit Lilly and the Brothers.


j e n n i f e r said...

LOVE these images. that food looks delish. even in my nauseated state!

Four Flights said...


Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

those nature finds are so great! the one if the lower left hand corner is really beautiful. that is lean on a shelf worthy!!

that lunch looks delish. i like making that meal with thick sliced cheese bread. yummy!!

farmgirl said...

You take vintage glassware camping???
I want to be you.
Too pretty. Too perfect!
I'm taking notes.
Love, Cassie