Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Birthday Giveaway!

Hi friends!  Today is my birthday.  Yep,  I'm 34.

Aren't the colors in that picture amazing?  These are the address numbers outside one of my favorite houses in Long Beach.  I was snapping photos of it one day a while back and upon reviewing them at home, I realized, "hey, I'm going to be 34!  This can be my birthday photo for my blog."  I'm always on the look out for using numbers or letters in my photos.

Anyway, I always like to imagine I am going to do something special for my birthday.  Just like when I was a little girl, I plan a party for myself.  But nowadays, I don't follow through.  Usually it has to do with being too tired to throw a party for myself.  This year Aaron gave me a whole weekend to myself, which would have been perfect for a party with the girls, but instead I spent much of it painting my laundry room.  (Pictures forthcoming.  It looks cute now!)  I just needed time to be by myself and finish a project.  It was a good birthday present to myself.  But I did feel kind of lame that that was my birthday celebration.

So, I decided to have a party on my blog and host my first ever giveaway!
Oh yeah. 
I have never done a give away before, but over the course of blogging and entering give aways, I have now won 5 different times and you know what, they are fun!  I want to share some fun with you.
It encapsulates many things I love: adventure, travel, art, vintage and trailers.
Vintage trailer anyone?

I'd love to give you a real one, but that would cost me an arm and a leg in shipping.  Instead, I am giving away a one of a kind, linoleum block print by my uber talented husband, Aaron.
Each print is hand carved and then hand printed.

 You can choose turquoise:

Or orange:

There is also a red one that I somehow failed to photograph on Sunday and can't photograph now.  Use your imagination.
Each print is unique and signed and numbered by Aaron. 
I also forgot to measure the prints, but they fit perfectly in next size up from smallest IKEA Ribba frame--a bit larger than 5x7. 

To win, all you need to do is leave a comment here about your best or worst birthday ever.
If you want more entries, become a follower of my blog, become a fan on facebook, or mention the giveaway on your blog or facebook.  I don't tweet, so I'm leaving that one out. 
If you don't have the ability to do any of those things, email me a comment privately.

Just be sure to leave a separate comment for each thing you do so I can count it.  You can enter until Friday night at midnight.
I'll announce winners on Saturday. 

I'll also be out for the rest of the week.  I'm in Fallbrook with my kids at my parents and have lots planned for each day.  I need to rest up.
After all, I am getting up there!
Happy birthday to me!  Thanks for sharing it with me.
Love from,


Betsi* said...

Oh no you don't! Jenny and I are going to make sure that you have a super terrific Actual Birthday! (I'm sure Aaron will make it worth your while too.)
I'm so excited to see you tomorrow(er, later today!)I'm bursting! Also, I find it humorous that we are both posting on our blogs simultaneously at this god-forsaken hour.
Love you much and may God RICHLY bless you this thirty-fourth year!
Love, Betsi*

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday to you! I love the "34" you found. That is a super cool house number! My best birthday might have been when my best friend came out to Colorado where I lived at the time to surprise me. I had no idea she was there and she just showed up at dinner. Delightful! Enjoy your day.

Four Flights said...

best birthday moment is when my friends and hubby got together to plan a surprise 30th birthday party for me (part deux) on my 32nd birthday. You see I was sick as a dog on my actual 30th and they felt bad that I never really got to have a 30th bash, so 2 years later they made up for it. Happy Birthday Greta! I would love the turquoise one!

Four Flights said...

I also follow your blog :)

Heather said...

Happy 34th dear friend! Of course I'd love to win (my Aaron loves the trailers your hubby makes!) but even if I don't I wanted to share one of my best birthdays- I can't remember what year it was, but I went with 2 of my "best-est friends" to Disney and it was the first time we got to go off on our own! We ruled the place and had the best time ever! Love you friend!

MyFender said...

I follow your blog! :o)
Amy Parker

MyFender said...

Worst Birthday is easy, I had an Uncle pass away the day before my 11th (i think it was 11th) Birthday, so it was a sad time and my folks were gone on my Birthday to be with family in CA.
I have a lot of great Birthday Memories. I just remember growing up my Mom would make me amazing Birthday cakes and pay a lot of attention to the details of my parties....great memories!
Great give-a-way Greta! Congrats on your first give-a-way and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Christina said...

Happy birthday Greta! One of my best birthdays was when my group of girlfriends kidnapped me and took me to Catalina for the weekend- that was my 30th and I'm a little nervous imagining what they're planning for my 40th!

Katie @ minivan diva said...


Have a very Happy Birthday today! Enjoy!

I don't know if this is the best or worst birthday, but it is the one that my family won't let me live down. It was my 7th birthday and I had a big group of girls over for my party. I was a feisty girl and clearly saw the day as an opportunity to truly take the title of "birthday girl" to a new level. I was ordering everyone around like a true queen. My mom pulled me aside to chat with me about my behavior. I simply explained, "but Mom, I have been waiting ALL year to have my one day to boss everyone around!" Nice, huh?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Greta!!!
I think one of my favorite birthdays was a few years back while I was in Madagascar. One of my friends and her family surprised me for dinner at one of my favorite restuarants there. It was sweet that they did that, but also as they didn't have a lot of money...that was the sweetest gift ever!

Rachel said...

Happy birthday! My best birthday was when my husband proposed. I was ridiculously young (getting married young was good for us, but I know it doesn't always work out for everyone, so I am embarrassed to post HOW young I was, so you can just guess which birthday it was.)

Rachel said...

Aaaaand, I follow your blog!

The Melvin Fam said...

Let's see....favorite birthday? Hmmm....I've had a lot of great ones! But I think I'd have to say this past one - turned 31 and just feel like I'm in a really great place in life. Plus, we went to the Magic Castle in Hollywood which was oh so fun! We felt so swanky!

The Melvin Fam said...

I also follow your blog! :)

Kitty said...

Happy Birthday!
i'm so making the numbers on my house look like that now - how cool!
Best birthday - my 20th, when I got engaged!

also, I follow you!

tracylynne said...

You just a baby-I just turned 40 and my son turned one-this year was the best birthday ever. PS I have the trailer in aqua

Megan B. said...

Greta! Happy 34th! I love those prints -- I'd love one on my wall since we can't yet afford a real trailer of our own...

I'll be sure to mention your giveaway on Shelterrific, too...

And, does your uber-talented (obviously) have an etsy page where he sells prints? I'd love to do a feature on the site about him....

Megan B. said...

Oh -- and how could I forget? Best birthday ever? The year my husband (then boyfriend) commissioned an original painting for me , complete with secret love messages hidden inside. It's been hard to live up to them now.

farmgirl said...

Greta! I am behind on reading your blog, so happy, happy belated #34!

My worst b-day was #7! I spent a whole year looking forward to it. My mom spent months planning every detail, and I spent the whole party crying and having a tantrum... not a little pout, but a full-scale crying, screaming, rolling on the grass tantrum. It's documented on 8mm filmstrip to be relived for all eternity. Ugh!

farmgirl said...

AND I follow your blog. :)

Shortty said...

one of my best birthdays was visiting my cousin in scotland and then getting to see riverdance in dublin the next day!!

but i'm hoping my best birthday yet will be this year - i turn 25 tomorrow!!!

happy birthday to you:)

kimberj said...

When I was 19 and in my freshman year of college my folks were so excited to be empty nesters that they took off on a week long trip and forgot my birthday as well as my existence. Finally 2 wks later my mom called to apologize but the damage was done and I hung up on her. They sent me a birthday box but I'll never forget it. Would love love love the trailer print! It looks exactly like the little trailer my grandparents owned. All my best memories of them are wrapped up in that little 1956 Shasta. Alas... when my folks died we had to give it away. My hubs and I couldn't afford to restore it. I was heartbroken to say the least.

Jen said...

A very happy birthday to you!

My favorite birthday was my 30th. At the time I didn't know it, but it was my last birthday with my mom. I gave myself a party (mini golf and ice cream), then had a surprise party from my family, and ANOTHER surprise party from my friends! It was absolutely fantastic, and I'll never forget it.

If I win, I'd love the orange print. It will look perfect in my living room!

Sarah said...

Worst birthday I think I was 12, my bday was the day before thanksgiving and all my good friends had already left for the holiday and then I spend the rest in the car from Boston to NYC in crazy non-moving traffic for over 6 hrs and everyone was all cranky.

Sarah said...

I just found you today but now I follow your blog!

Hello, I'm Emily Clare. said...

I'm sure that my upcoming 30th is going to be the best! I turn 30 on the 30th so there's bound to be some fun.

Hello, I'm Emily Clare. said...

I"m also a new follower!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Greta!
I enjoy reading your blog. You are so creative and talented super woman.

Anonymous said...

Hello, My best birthday was the year I turned 32. My little 5 year old son planned a surprise party for me and was so proud of the gift he picked out "by myself" : blood red lipstick. I proudly wore it day after day-and for the party of course--he told me I was a pretty mommy. This pretty mommy needs a pretty print to go with the lipstick- red or aqua (for contrast) please!...oh, and I am a new follower of your blog.