Friday, August 27, 2010

A Sweet and Simple Shower for Baby # 4

Everyone expects a baby shower for a first baby.  And maybe a shower for the second, if it is a different sex.  After that you start to get into a gray area.  Some people are adamantly opposed to 2nd, and 3rd baby showers.  And I think by the time you get to the 4th, all bets are off.
But I don't think it should be that way.
Because the arrival of every baby is worthy of celebration.
The shower might look a little different, but that mama should definitely be showered with some love.

My sister in law is due to have her 4th baby in a few weeks.  She is having a girl--her 3rd.  I knew I wanted to have some kind of shower for Jess and her newest girlie, and thankfully our friend Lindsey wanted to also.  
We teamed up.

Because it is Jessica's 4th, we wanted to go in a less traditional direction for the shower.  At this point Jessica doesn't need a stroller, or lots of baby paraphernalia. She's probably got the essentials down to a science now, and has most of them.
We decided instead to shower Jessica with some special treats just for her.  Because a mama of 4 deserves some treats if anyone does, right?
So the day was all about her.

We chose to have the shower at the beach because Jessica loves the beach.  

The decorations were very simple.  Lindsey made the adorable Baby Abby garland.  I made the polka dot one.  Tying them to my big market umbrella made all the difference.  Like I always say, it's in the details.

Even though the theme was to spoil Jessica, we still wanted to celebrate the reason for the celebration!

And we wanted the decorations to be something Jessica could use in the girls' room if she chooses to.  We used paper in pink (obviously) and turquoise (because that is big sister Cora's favorite color) in all different patterns and shades to make the garland.  We used 2 different sized hole punches and pale pink yarn.  (yarn works way better than string, by the way. less tangly)  I made the garland double-sided by affixing each polka dot with double stick tape.
It did not take me forever.  I spent an enjoyable hour watching Sense and Sensibility and making the garland.  Easy peasy.  (Also, Lindsey and I punched holes the night before--full disclosure)

The table decorations were very simple.  
I brought a big folding table.  Since I don't have any table cloths big enough, I covered it with a piece of muslin and made a runner out of a piece of mod, pink fabric I had on hand.  I didn't even hem it--just ironed the edge under.  (full disclosure)

Lindsey brought some cute pieces of pottery for the utensils and some of the food.  Small details like that look much better than setting them out in a plastic cup.  Lindsey has an eye for details like you wouldn't believe.

For the food we asked everyone to bring a favorite snack to share.  It made for such a relaxed and friendly shower.  There were lots of wonderful treats to munch on and Lindsey and I didn't have to bring all the food down to the beach ourselves.
I often fall into the trap of thinking I have to do everything myself, but I am discovering that people really like to help out.

Because we wanted to have some of Jessica's favorites, Lindsey picked up some cupcakes from Sprinkles.  They are Jessica's favorites.  So cute and so good!

But one of my favorite parts was the gifts.
We asked everyone who wanted to to bring something just for Jess.  You know, all those little treats you never buy for yourself?  Especially when you have 4 kids that are constantly growing out of shoes.  

Of course there were baby gifts too.  Because, really, who can resist a tiny, hot pink tutu?
But there were also coffee cards, and nice candles, earrings and favorite lip balms.
It was fun.

Spending the afternoon sitting on the beach, enjoying snacks, not reminding anyone to please not walk on your towel, or making a mad dash into the water for a stray toy, or child, well, that was our gift to everyone else.

I think it was a great way to shower Jessica with some special love.

I've been thinking of other ways you can have a shower for baby # 2, 3, 4 or 8?  The key, I believe, is thinking outside the box.
If the mama is opposed to gifts, just plan a brunch at her favorite restaurant.
Or take her out for pedicures.
Have a movie night at your house with her favorite chick flick and favorite treats.
Go to a nearby "destination" and spend the afternoon walking, window shopping and eating.
Visit a museum together and then have lunch in the museum cafe.
You will notice eating is a big part of these suggestions.  Don't forget to include the food!
I thought this would be a PERFECT shower theme.  Just tweak it a little to suit the occasion: favorite gifts for the mama, or the baby.  Or both!

Just getting away from the kids for a few hours and doing something a little out of the ordinary will make a mom feel special.  And that is what it is all about.
Have you been to any fabulous showers?  Or hosted one? Do tell.
Love from,


Erin McDonald said...

Hello my Dear Friend! Thank you for posting this. I am in that boat too! I am so excited for every one but the Joy reminds me of what I have yet to abtain. I love you! Know that I am praying for you always!

Michelle Hughes said...

So sweet! love all the special details :)
visiting from Heather's!
Have a great day!

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

you did such a great job with this shower! i love that it focused more on the momma and think the simple things you did to create a special afternoon are lovely.