Friday, September 3, 2010

The Palm Spring Series Part 2: The Ace Hotel and Swim Club

Funny thing is we didn't even stay at the ACE.  It was booked for the weekend and we wanted to stay someplace smaller.
But we stopped there for lunch and walked around afterwards. I felt like I had walked into my own sort of paradise.  Or at least a lot of the things that would be in my paradise:

Orange doors.
Bright white stucco.
Good food.
Really good.
A vintage trailer.
Swimming pools.
Mid century modern furniture.
A diner that doesn't look like Ruby's.
Cool art.
Outdoor fireplaces.
Fruit trees.
An ice cream cart.
Cool drinks.
Strings of lights.
Typewriter fonts.
Turquoise beach cruisers.
Mountain views.
Giant letters.
Mesquite trees.
Ping pong.
Yellow shower heads.
Photo Booth.
Attention paid to every last detail.



And we know, it's all about the details.

So here are a few details if you want to stay at ACE:

It's pretty crowded on the weekends, even in the summer.
But there are a lot of activities and it's a pretty party atmosphere.
If that is not your speed, go during the week.
You can get a room in Sept, (king standard) mid week for $99.
That is way better than staying at the Holiday Inn.
We didn't check out any rooms (should have seen if we could) but I've read and heard good reviews.
At the very least, go there for breakfast all day and get your pictures taken in the photo booth.
To see more, go here.

Just a few more posts on Palm Springs friends.  Cause I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer even though I keep hearing people talking about fall.
It's still summer!
So enjoy this fabulous summer weekend.
Love from,

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