Tuesday, September 28, 2010

While You Were Out: A New Table!

This weekend I went to the mountains.  I had 3 days to spend with my mom and my sister, with new friends, to pray, to laugh, to cry, to ride a zip line and to hike.
It was really wonderful.

Aaron kept the kids the whole time.
And while I was laughing my head off at late night movies, he was doing things like standing in line at  Disneyland with 3 kids in 100 degree heat.
2 of whom were crying.
1 of whom then threw up on him.
Ahh Disneyland--the happiest place on earth.

He was also at the beach.
Which he promptly had to leave when 1 child got sunscreen in his eyes and it sent him over the edge.
Did I mention it was over a 100 + degrees all weekend?
Did I mention that 2 of my kids were sick?
And everyone was tired?
Did I mention that my husband is a rock star?

Cause he also took this table:

and turned it into this table:

With 3 little helpers in 100 + degree heat.
They went to the hardware store.
They painted and sanded and cut and varnished.
Yep.  He rocks.

We have needed a table for our kitchen since we moved in.
We found the booth about a year ago, from here.
But we couldn't track down a table.
We finally decided we'd just get a base and make our own top.  (well, Aaron would)
But we couldn't even find a base we liked.
A diner style base from a restaurant supply store seemed an obvious choice, but they are pricey and we didn't see any we liked.  
The lines just didn't work.
We pay attention to lines.

There is the IKEA table and base.  But it seemed like a lot of $ for a plastic base.  Not to mention wasteful to just use the base and toss the table top.
Of course we liked the Saarien.
But, talk about pricey, right?
So we waited.

And while we were in Palm Springs, we saw this base with the weird, tiny table on top, outside a vintage store.  We asked, we haggled, we got it!
It was worth the wait.
Just look at those lines!

With the help of his 2 manly helpers, Aaron sanded the base down (it's metal), primed it, and painted it a lovely shade of turquoise.
Why turquoise you ask?
Well, I just so happen to adore turquoise.
Also, it looks stinking awesome with our red floor.
You might not know that turquoise and red are an amazing color combination.
And lastly, we have turquoise door in our kitchen of a slightly darker hue.
They work together nicely.
(full kitchen post coming soon)

He made the top out of 2 pieces of good plywood.  It's the same he used for our long desk in the schoolroom/office.  I like the blond wood and how the edges are "striped".

It was such a fun surprise to come home to last night.
But even better was seeing my kiddos seated around it for breakfast this morning.

I have always wanted a kitchen with a booth.
Dreams really do come true.
Thanks babe!  And thanks to the crew too.
Love from,


Erin McDonald said...

I have to hurry but I just wanted to say that you are one lucky gal! Love it love you smoooch!

Katie @ minivan diva said...

EVERYTHING looks so fab!!! Love it!

Megan B. said...

Gorgeous! Love love love it. I've always wanted a kitchen booth myself, but alas, it will never happen in our tiny 1961 galley.

I'm DYING to know: are those red floors original, or did you install? My kitchen is also red/turquoise (well, seafoam,technically)/black and white. We are looking for the right floors, and I love your color!

Great to see you back!

Gina said...

That is awesome! What a man, to do that for you and deal with sick kids and all the other stuff-enjoy it!

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

i love this! love aqua. love red. love that your man made it. and i love your little man's bed head. too cute :)

The Melvin Fam said...

Love it! And I like it much better than the other two tables :)