Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Craft Project: Waxed Leaves

Last year we tried a new craft--waxed leaves.  It was one of my favorites and I can't wait for enough leaves to turn here so that we can make them again.
I posted the entire project after we did it, but it was after Thanksgiving and in the Christmas rush, it might have been lost.  So I am posting a few of my favorite photos here, and you can get the tutorial here.

You start by gathering, and then pressing lovely fall leaves.  These are Liquid Amber leaves.  They have one of the most vibrant fall displays of all the trees in our neck of the woods.

Melt your wax and dip the leaves one by one.  The kids can help.

Enjoy their shine as you let them dry.

You can then use them for decorating around the house.  They make a lovely "runner".

But my favorite way to use them is to string them on some embroidery floss for a beautiful fall garland.

I have a love affair with garlands and always enjoy coming up with a new one.
Remember, you can get the full instructions here.
Maybe a little bit of leaf hunting will be a part of your weekend plans?
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Megan B. said...

This is a lovely craft! I'm so doing this this year-- I've always used the leaves, but they get all crumbly. And the garland?! LOVE IT!!

Betsi* said...

Sooo cute! I'm totally trying this one!

Anonymous said...

We are so doing it! A new twist to our leaf hunts, which are a fave with my girls! Thanks!(Ash)

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

i am so jealous that you have leaves like that to create with. they are stunning in their fall colors. we have nothing remotely like that. sigh. your garland is fabulous.

Four Flights said...

I've been meaning to try this and so yesterday afternoon we went on a lovely walk and started gathering our leaves.

kimberj said...

We always waxed our leaves by ironing them between waxed paper. I've never heard of dipping them :) My mom was a first grade teacher for years out in the country in a little village. One of our field trips was picking up leaves to wax as we walked to my house. Then we'd have cookies and cider while the teacher (yes my mom was my first grade teacher) ironed the leaves. By the way... its great for your iron too.