Saturday, February 19, 2011

On Growing Things

I can't help thinking about growing things.
It isn't that it has felt like much of a dark and dreary winter around here.
It has, in fact, been one of the most sunny and warm Januaries and Februaries I can recall.
It's just that I am thinking of spring.
I want to plant sweet peas.
I want to watch things grow.

Have you seen the latest issue of Martha?  

It is chock full of planting, growing and eating inspiration.
Also, these posters.
I adore these posters.
This one is my favorite.  Big surprise, right?
I want to hang it in my kitchen.

And if this is the year we finally get to plant a garden, I will hang this one too.
Hoping against hope!

You must go to this Etsy shop to see all of their wares.  They are very, very cool.
And visit the website too.  Support them and remind yourself to eat yummy food at the same time.

Because there are few things in life more satisfying that harvesting your own food. 
(wrote about it here)
Case in point:

Our orange trees.
How many pictures have I posted of our oranges?  
Are you sick of them yet?
But each time we pick them, cut them, squeeze them, drink them , or eat them, my kitchen fills with the wonderful smell like nothing in a bottle could ever match.
And their color is brilliant--each one different.
There is no grocery store orange that can compare to the taste to an orange picked from your own tree.

Or a plum or tomato, or cucumber.
This is why I can't wait for spring and planting and growing.
And then summer and eating!

So while we are planting fruit trees and trying to figure out how to use our one sunny spot for a garden, I will be planting some sweet peas and nasturtiums out front.
Eventually I want a front yard that is full of a lot of these kinds of plants:

(doesn't that succulent wall planting make you green with envy?) 
(image from Apartment Therapy)
But in the meantime, I am letting no more springtimes pass me by without sweet peas.  It's been years since I've had a spot to plant them.
They'll look beautiful until the succulents and California natives come in.

For more on growing things, visit my other blog, Lilly and the Brothers.
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Betsi* said...

When I saw those prints in MSL a couple weeks ago I immediately thought of you! Even considered buying the eat real food one for you!
I have also been feeling a deep longing for our Fallbrook upbringing. I wish my kids could experience the simple joy of going outdoors in the summer and not coming in until dark because there is two acres full of fruits and vegetables to graze on and a garden hose to drink out of.

Anonymous said...

A mutual friend sent me this link. She must love me a lot, because it has been such a pleasure to be introduced to your blog!(Though we have been introduced through CM nature study!) May I invite you to come over to the Yarden to enjoy our sweetpeas and their subtle scents as they herald the onset of spring!

Lisa said...

I have a ton of succulents and cactus. When you are ready for some, I will give you cuttings/pups/pieces or whatever, of what you want.