Monday, February 7, 2011

What's For Breakfast: Leek and Goat Cheese Tart

I got to take a little trip to the mountains this weekend with some of my girlfriends.
It was fabulous.
Lots and lots of talking, laughing, crying (me) and food.
We split up the meals and I chose breakfast.

I brought the ingredients to make one of my favorite breakfast dishes: leek and goat cheese tart.
It is easy but more importantly, it is completely delicious.
Even my friend Rebbecca, who promptly told me, "I don't like goat cheese," ate it and liked it.
Apart from my son William, the pickiest eater on the planet, eating it, you couldn't ask for a better recommendation.

Here is the lame-o picture I took of it.  Don't ask me why I didn't get a shot of the whole dish.  I think I was intent on everyone getting their food and not saying, "hold on a minute, let just take a couple pictures."

The recipe is from my favorite gal, Molly.  It was published in Bon Appetite magazine in the column she writes there.
I have made it enough times now that it feels like one of my go-to recipes.  I can trust that it will not fail me and be well received.

I am giving you the link to the recipe here.
My Notes:
She calls for aged goat cheese, which I would like to try sometime.
However, that always requires and extra trip to a different store.  And thus, regular goat cheese has been used every time with very good results.
Also, she gives you the recipe to make your own pie crust.
If you have the time, I highly recommend that.
If you don't, then go buy a pre-made one at the store.
One of my life goals is to master making a great pie crust.  I am not there yet and didn't intend to use this weekend as the time to try, so I used Pillsbury.  
See, sometimes I take the easy way.
Lastly, you will have some of the leeks leftover.  They are delicious heaped on toasted baguette, saved for lunch and put atop a salad,  for dinner with salmon or roasted potatoes, or saved and served in scrambled eggs for tomorrow's breakfast.
Seriously, those leeks are so very good.  
Don't you dare throw away the leftovers.

This tart, kind of like a quiche except not as heavy, is great served with simple fruit, baguettes and some bacon like we had for breakfast.
But you could also have it for brunch, lunch or a light dinner.  
And, if your husband had not left it in the cooler overnight, it would make a great breakfast the next morning.
Not that I was annoyed or anything when that happened to me.

So, you have almost a week to get groceries for breakfast this Saturday morning.
You'll thank me when you taste it.
Love from,

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