Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Berries For Breakfast

Ever since Aaron put up these, our berries have been going crazy.
The trellis is completely covered in new vines.
And, even this late in the season, the vines are covered in new blossoms, new, green berries, pink, ripening berries and big, beautiful, ripe blackberries. 
They look like jewels hiding amongst the leaves.

This morning I picked a bowlful for breakfast.

I ate them with the sweetest peaches imaginable.
Peaches from a friend's tree.

Is there anything better than just picked, summertime fruit?
I have all kinds of ideas in mind for jamming with them, and making cobblers, crumbs and cakes.
But right now I am content to eat them just as they are.
They taste like the essence of summer.

We're loving every part of these lazy summer days.
I am so glad there are lots more to come.
Now off to the beach--for the 5th day in a row.
Hope your summer days are just as nice.

Love from, 


hannah singer said...

nope. nothing better than freshly picked fruit!
and enjoy that beach! oh how i miss the beach!


mandi said...

Yum! I love summer fruits!

5th day at the beach? Lucky! (say it like napolean)