Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vintage, Wooden Puzzles--Add Them to the List

It's time for a little blogging.
Just a tiny bit because I have a newborn in my arms.  
Not that easy to type while holding a baby.
But writing calms my nerves.  So does neurotic style cleaning.
I am trying to conquer my crazy side, so at this point I'd rather write about some vintage puzzles than reorganize my kitchen pantry.
(although I cannot promise that it won't be done at some point before this week is over)

And before I forget, I also want to thank all my new readers and followers.  It has been so fun to see new comments and people visiting.  I am so glad you have taken the time to add me to your list of reads.  
Thank you.

Do you remember it?
Go take a look at some of the things I am always scouting for when I visit thrift stores, garage or estate sakes or any where else there might be old junk for sale.

Now I am adding a new item to The List:
Vintage, wooden puzzles.

My parents brought the big kids home yesterday afternoon, ending our 4 days of babymoon bliss with Baby David.  (hence the need for calm nerves)
They brought along with them a sweet little gift for the baby.
These vintage puzzles my DAD found at a thrift store while they were on a little getaway up in Ventura.
We always tease my dad about not being aware of what color his socks are, let alone what kind of vintage toy I'd love to have for my baby.
I guess he deserves a little more credit.
Thanks for the great find, Dad!

Take a look at these beauties.

Yes, that king is going to eat those sweet, smiling blackbirds in a pie.  
Kind of creepy.  But I love it.

This one I already had. I found it a t a garage sale.
It is newer --plastic handles-- and Fisher Price, not Playskool.
It is cute, but I definitely like the handle-less, Playskool ones better.

This one is my favorite.  
Aren't the colors and art so great?
I love how stylized it is.
Here's a close up of the operator.  Such great detail.

I've used vintage puzzles to decorate a nursery before.  
I screwed 2 mall eye hooks into the top of the puzzle, and strung thick ribbon through the eye hooks to hang them.
To keep the puzzle pieces secure, I hot glued them in place.
The only problem with that, of course, is they don't really come out after the hot glue.
I'd like to hang these, but am looking for another way to secure the pieces well, but still be able to get them out later.
Help a mother out. will you?

And for all you new readers, and old ones too, come back tomorrow for a tour or my living room.
I can't wait to show you around.

Love from,


Terrie said...

Hi Greta,
maybe you could use that peel and stick velcro, just a little strip on each piece would hold them in place.

mandi said...

Oh yeah, that last one is my favorite too. I just found a mother load of puzzles like these while thrifting today. And the most charming yellow lamp...I digress...

My idea would to either use that blue sticky stuff (think bulletin board) or velcro. I think the velcro would be super fun because if they came off the wall and ended up being store on a shelf, the pieces would stay connected. That way you wouldn't have a sea of pieces on the floor. Hmm...I think I need to go velcro all my puzzles now!

Melanie said...

You crack me up, Greta, because what is "vintage" to you is "old stuff I had when I was a kid" to me. Yes, I had the king and blackbird puzzle. I remember finding the left and right hand pieces somewhat confusing....which probably explains a lot.

Love the velcro idea, ladies.

Unknown said...

I would use the 3M adhesives because they don't use residue!

Congrats. We had a baby moon of 4 days last month and it was nice, but LOUDer once our toddler came home.

Lisa said...

Greta, there is a sticky thing that galleries use to secure paintings so they don't shift and keep items from falling over on a shelf. It is supposed to come off walls so should come off puzzle pieces. Good thing about the old wooden puzzles is you could lightly sand any that didn't come off. Look for it at Michael's.
I think it is blue and comes in a rectangle, you pull off little pieces.

Anonymous said...

What about the least expensive and multipurpose chewing gum option?-Soraya

Laura said...

I'm one of your new readers. I love your blog & style - I'm so happy to have found you!
Congratulations on your new little one!
How about using double sided tape for the puzzles?

branda said...

I think I recognize the King and Black Bird Pie puzzle from somewhere in my youth - either a grandparent's house, or a church nursery, or some where.

My first thought was double sided tape, too. I really like the idea of puzzles as wall art. I've barely ever put up "wall art" but you may be inspiring me! ; )

Jenny said...

So happy you are home enjoying the Davy boy! Kiss him from me, please. I just went through a stack of these puzzles while helping move a classroom. My friend said she'd save them for me when she retires. I hope she doesn't forget! There was a Gingerbread Man and a Pilgrim and Indian one, among others. So great!

Megan@ Shelterrific said...

command adhesive or velcro -- as already stated. Greta, you are a dynamo! Back to blogging mere days post-baby... Can you bottle some of that energy up for me?!