Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'll Be Back

Our computer bit the dust.
It was time.
I won't even tell you how old it is.
But we were going to make it last as long as it could.
And we did.
We are not big technology people.
We don't get the latest and greatest techno gadgets.
But there comes a time when a power outage takes out the whole neighborhood and your computer too, and then you must face the sad truth.
The computer is dead and it is time for a new one.
Not sure how long that is going to take.
So I'll be missing for a while.  
Consider it my summer break.
But I'll be back.
I have some new recipes to share, clutter answers to your clutter questions and so much more.
Check in, will you?
Love from,


Katie @ minivan diva said...

Missing your posts!

hennymats said...

enjoy the time off! What better time to NOT be blogging than summer and a new baby? I'll miss your posts though...

Hope you didn't lose any data when your computer crashed. I always fear losing all those gazillions of photos I take of my kids so I try to save them on more than one device. And I do annual photo books, as in actual printed books. But still.

hannah singer said...

i will be here!! enjoy your break!

Laura said...

sorry to hear about your computer. technical difficulties are always a bummer. our computer is pretty old & i have my fingers crossed that it can hang on for awhile longer.
looking forward to your return!

Cozy Island said...

Enjoy your "vacation"!
I just discovered your blogs - and I LOVE them!!! You are a "kindred spirit" (oh person miles away that I have never met..)in more ways than I can list! Hence you have inspired me!!! Keep up the good work :)