Monday, August 22, 2011

Collecting: Vintage Enamel Ware

My recent discovery of vintage, enamel ware had me wanting to start yet another collection.
I collect a lot of things: cuckoo clocks, birds, heart shaped rocks, vintage state glasses, vintage books and   brightly colored vintage pottery, to name a few.
But this collection would have a purpose.
I would cook with these beautiful pieces.
And after discovering many of the pieces on Ebay were pretty affordable, I couldn't wait to start my collection.

I didn't have to wait long!
I got my first 2 pieces for my birthday. (thanks big sis and Papa John!)
They're red! and they're baking dishes.
I love them, don't you?

These ones are Dansk and have that gorgeous, modern handle design.
I have already baked with them more times than I can count on one hand.
So I can tell you with authority that these really are great pieces for collecting and for using.
My chicken breasts and potatoes roasted beautifully.
The pans cleaned up like a dream.
And, like my friend said, they are waaay better looking than a glass Pyrex dish.

Best part?  
These babies are at least as old as I am, probably older, and are still in great condition.
They are well made and made to last.
The new (4 years) enameled cast iron, dutch oven I got from Martha Stewart started chipping almost as soon as I got it.
And I don't mean those little worn spots like you see on the handle of my baking dish there.
I mean on the inside.  
Big holes in the enamel after less than a year of use.
Not so the Dansk enamel ware.
They used to make things to last.  Ahh, the good old days.

So if you are looking for some great new cookware or bake ware, I recommend the vintage enamel ware.
Or, you could just pick some up for me.
Like my friend Jen, who picked up this little guy for me at a garage sale.

I love his shape and orangey-red color.
But what do you think he's used for?

Right now he just looks cute perched atop my stove.
Thanks Jen!

What are your favorite things to collect?  
I am always open to new ideas.
Love from,

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Beth said...

It looks like a milk pan to me. Or a butter warmer. Either way it's cute :)

Beth said...

Oh I think I found it!

Terri said...

I believe that's a hot chocolate pot! Williams Sonoma has a Le Creuset version.

Tara Beaulieu said...

I like the red a lot! The color is really bright and I think you're right the old ones do hold up to time.

I have some vintage enamel pots in orange and turquoise that I planted flowers in outside. I'm a vintage Pyrex girl for cooking, but please don't hold that against me. :)

Bethany said...

So beautiful! I don't know if it's a hot chocolate pot like Terri suggests, but it sounds like a terrific idea to me. :)

Stacey@A Sort Of Fairytale said...

i love vintage enamelware to, yours is awesome!

kris {life at the table} said...

i would definitely use it for butter myself, because we don't have a microwave. in love with your new collection! good luck finding more pieces down the road.

melissa said...

I would use it as a butter warmer, too. Love the new collection, and yes, I love older products, too. :) The only pots and pans that we've found that are good and lasting are All-Clad.

Lasso the Moon said...

I collect copies of Alice in Wonderland.
Your enamel is so cool.

susie said...

We had one growing up, and we used to melt butter. That was in the early 70's. Love you blog!

HeatherLee said...

How about making turkish or armenian coffee? I habe a stainless pot that is a lot like that.

kim said...

Oh, I am so smitten with that red! Cooking with beautiful dishes (especially vintage!) makes meal prep so much more fun. Thanks for sharing!

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

that tiny pot is so, so cute!

i collect vintage enamel ware, too. i love it, and i think that i love that it's bit harder to find than other treasures. i get so excited when i find a piece from england or france. like, silly excited. what can i say? i'm an enamel ware geek. :)

Kirsti @ Living in Lovely LaLaLand said...

I love your pieces! I collect vintage enamel ware too. My two favorites are CatherineHolm bowls from my still-living 106 year old great aunt. My heritage is Norwegian--I'm named after my great great grandmother who immigrated here--so I try to focus on scandinavian pieces. Otherwise, I might buy every piece I come across!