Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Love Fair Photos

We took our annual trip to the Orange County Fair last week.
It was the best trip yet.
Pig races, a crash-up derby and about 5 pounds of french fries were just part of the fun.
But the best part, of course, was the photo booth session.
Go over to Lilly and the Brothers to see how they came out.

Besides the photo booth, I took heaps of pictures.
There are just so many great things to take pictures of at the fair.
I am especially in love with all the lights.
Here are a few of my favorites.

I took these letter Es with the intention of blowing up one of the photos and hanging it in our house.
(Our last name starts with E)
They are all a bit different.
Which one do you like best?

While we were walking around the fair, I thought how much fun it would be to do a family photo shoot there.
For one thing, we all love the fair.  (even Aaron loves it now--I've converted him)
And for another, there are just so many great photo opportunities.
Well, someone beat me to the idea.
My friend, Kristin, posted an engagement photo shoot she did at the OC fair.
Go look at it.
Kristin's work blows me away.
Every single time she posts a new session, I alternate between insane admiration and jealousy.
She's so good.
Go spend some time at her site and if you are in need of an amazing photographer, choose her.

In other news, I'm still on the crazy diet and I have a new recipe to share with you: Asian inspired rice noodle salad.  
Necessity is the mother of invention and I invented a great salad!
Can't wait to share it with you.
Love from,


Katie @ minivan diva said...

Your photos are spectacular. Love them. I went and visited your friend's site. She is very talented and so creative. You'll have to keep us posted on which "E" you choose.

mandi said...

I love the fair too! And fair pics- yours are fantastic! I'll go over and check out your friend's as well. I'm a sucker for all things carni.

As far as the "e" goes- my vote is the last one.

Vicki said...

Gorgeous photos--the saturated colors are so beautiful!!

Four Flights said...

Okay Greta, I hate the fair! I hate it hate it! you make it look fun though. How can you make me a convert? Never taken the kids and I know one day I will have to...

mygirl said...

love all the photos. my favorite E is the last one. i think it would look great in your home. xo, christina

Lisa said...

I like the last E as well, I like how the top "arm" is up. kinda welcoming.

hannah singer said...

these photos are rockin' my socks, greta!
i just love a good fair. so fun!! xo

Aaron Eskridge said...

I agree Darling.
It was the best fair trip ever!
I'm so glad to share it with you.

And, your photos just get better and better.
Fantastic work!!

Love you,