Thursday, September 15, 2011

You've Got to Have a Vision

I am lucky enough to be married to a man who can look at this:

And see this:

Or this:

When bought our house 2 years ago, it wasn't the mid century modern house of our dreams.
It wasn't an Eichler or a Cliff May. (aren't those Cliff Mays dreamy?  that neighborhood is right down the street from us.  i love those houses.)
As far as I could see, there was nothing mid century about it other than it had been built in 1952.
It was a 50s war box.
And I really didn't like it all that much.

But we needed to buy a house we could afford.
A lot of people didn't and you know how well that has worked out.
Aaron had looked at a lot of houses with our realtor.
(I am surprised the man still speaks to us)
And he had a vision in mind of what he wanted and what we could do with it.
Without overextending ourselves.
(when I say what we could do with it, I totally mean he, because I am not doing anything except watching the kids while he works and bringing him cold drinks.  but whatever)

When he walked into this house, he saw it had good bones.
It had the kind of floor plan we liked.
It had that big window in the living room to let the outside in--very mid century.
No unfortunate, poorly done, cheap "upgrades" had been done to it to get it ready for sale.
It was still in its mostly pristine 1952 state.
With all the wear that comes with that.

But when I walked in and saw this:

I wasn't that excited.
I never imagined that in 2 years that same kitchen would look like this:

Or that this breakfast nook in the kitchen:

Could be transformed into this:

Like I said, Aaron is a man with a vision.
And even though we didn't get to buy the house of our dreams in the neighborhood of our dreams, we are turning this house into the HOME of our dreams.
It's slow going.
It's hard work.
But we're having fun.
And we're making this place all ours.
And I have to tell you, I'm getting pretty proud of this little ol 50s war box.
It just goes to show you, being happy with what you've got is all about you and not about what you've got.
So, the renderings.
We are still trying to decide which color to paint the trim.
Aaron put orange up on one of the windows and it looked good.
We both liked it a lot.
But we are not 100% sure.
It's just so hard to be sure until we see all the windows done.

To aid us in our decision making progress, Aaron drew up a rendering with the trim orange and one with the trim turquoise.
Then he went ahead and started to add all the other ideas for the house that have been floating around in his head for the past couple of years.
Let me give you a little explanation of his plans

The base color of the house will be white.
The door will stay turquoise because we are totally in love with how it looks.
The trim around the roof and door, as well as the gable end will be green.
The trim around the windows will either be orange or turquoise.
There will be diamonds on the gable end.  
Aaron will make them.
The wooden slat 'boxes" will cover an original shelf mounted to the house, and a hideously ugly air conditioning unit.
We only used it for 3 days this whole year, but man did we ever need it on those 3 days.
He will continue the wooden slats on the gate along the driveway.
The new gate will replace the gross, black wrought iron one that is there now.
We will re do our landscape as well--all there is now is some grass--adding succulents, native plants, some of these, and some large pots in either orange or turquoise.
He also wants to add to our very narrow walkway, paint the brick porch and put a strip of grass or other low growing plant down the driveway.

But, if anyone can do it, Aaron can.
He really is amazing.
And I'm not just saying that because I like him so much.
Perhaps he could start a side career as a landscape designer.
You know, in his spare time.

Now you get to weigh in.
What do you think?
Orange or turquoise?
Fire away.
Love from,


Sue said...

Love love love the orange trim :)

Betsi* said...

I vote orange! But I know whatever Aaron chooses will look amazing!

mygirl said...

i love your house, everything about it. i love the orange. i think it gives it just the right pop. but, whatever you two choose i know it will be great :)

Anonymous said...

Gotta vote for's got the potential to get a little too busy, I think. Take care, and think simple.

KellyH said...

I love Turquoise but I'm really liking the orange on this. I vote orange. P.S. Your kitchen is the coolest kitchen ever. Seriously.

Nancy said...

i love the outdoor plans.everything about it.. the colors, the plant choices, the architectural elements. fabulous. it will go so well with your cheery inside feel. fantastic. how exciting! great vision.

Katie @ minivan diva said...

I love your vision. You two have such talent. I love both. I am leaning towards the orange. It give great contrast and an extra pop. : )

Anonymous said...

Oh Greta. You are my soulmate.

I just love you.
And I love Aaron too.

It's going to be perfect.

Lisa said...

definitely helps tie in the brick walk if you're keeping that and it does really pop. The turq. is nice if that's what you like. I love turq and green together for a subtle look but the orange really vibrates and is exciting. We have TONS of succulents and cacti (if you want cuttings) and love the big pots. Emerald growers here in fallbrook puts out 20%off coups and they have a great selection if you are down here anyway.Lookin' good guys!!!!

Jen Worden said...

How cool to see the before's and the after's and the want-to-be's! I need to do that w/our house. Some day. ;)

Trim colour: definitely orange. The turquoise is just too bland against all the white. Adds some much needed pop.

Thanks for sharing Aaron's vision with us!

melissa said...

orange. :)

Tara Beaulieu said...

I vote orange, but keep that door turquoise! :)

Anonymous said...

I like orange trim, but like the turqoise diamonds.

Megan B. said...

ORANGE! of course.

Emily said...

orange. totally love it! what vision! and skills, mad skills...