Monday, October 24, 2011

I Love a Man Who Appreciates a Good Throw Pillow

While we were on vacation up north, Aaron bought this pillow.

We saw it in the best fabric store EVER one afternoon while we were in Paso Robles.
He said, "I really like this pillow.  Should we get it?"
Ummm.  Yeah.

People often tell me how lucky I am that Aaron and I have the same design sense.
That we compliment each other.
That we have the same vision.
It's true.
I am lucky.
Funny thing is, he is the one who has informed my style.
He had the vision and I caught on.
Sometimes I take it in places he might not go, but usually he likes what I come up with.
We rarely argue about how to decorate.

Another thing I hear often is, "I don't know what I'd do if my husband had an opinion about how to decorate the house."
I'm actually glad I don't have that problem.
I love decorating our house together.  
It's fun.
In the distant past, I didn't always trust him, and so we'd fight, and then I'd give in.
Because, ultimately, it never mattered as much to me as it did to him.
And then, oh bitter pill, he was (almost) always right.
So now, if our opinions differ, I usually say, "let's go with your idea.  You're usually right anyway."
(Feel free to comment now on how lucky Aaron is to have me)
And, to prove my point, look how good the pillow looks in my green rocker.

The man has a great sense of style.
And besides, how can I not love a man who cares about a throw pillow?
One who actually knows what a throw pillow is, for that matter.
Yep.  I'm lucky.

The pillow has also come in handy for other things.
It makes a good pillow for ring bearer practice.

My little brother got married this weekend.
All 3 of the kids were in the wedding.
So this week they donned their wedding duds and practiced a bit.
The new pillow came in handy.

I can not resist a small boy in a tie.
The cutest thing ever.

For a few more photos from the actual wedding day, go to Lilly and the Brothers.
To find out the name of the awesome fabric store, come back tomorrow.
I plan to do some blogging now that our whirlwind month is over.
See you then!
Love from,


Katie @ minivan diva said...

I noticed the pillow in your last post. I love it.

Jill said...

LOVE the pillow! You both have an amazing eye for style. Oh, and adorable children too :)

Unknown said...

That pillow is SCRUMPTIOUS!
And those photos of your children all dressed up and smiling - beautiful. Those are keepers! :)

meg + andy said...

LOVE the pillow and love your collective style! Cute kids too!