Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's a Small World After All (especially when you're a blogger)

Last week I had a really fun visit.
My friend Megan stopped by for breakfast.
She came all the way from Seattle.

But here's the thing that makes her visit so cool.
We met through blogging.
Kind of.
Here's the story.
One day I left a comment on a blog I like to read, Shelterriffic.
In the way that bloggers do, Megan, a Shrlterrific contributor, looked at my profile.
We bloggers are always curious to see who is reading our blog.
Megan saw I was from her former hometown.
Interest sparked, she clicked over to my blog.
That's when she recognized my kids and realized we knew each other.
From Trader Joe's.
Yep, Megan worked at my Trader Joe's before she moved to Seattle.
She often worked the samples counter and we often (always) visited the samples counter, so that's how we knew each other.
When she emailed me and told me the story, I remembered her right away.
I even remembered when she told me she was moving to Seattle.
And there we were, connecting via the internet.
It's a small world, isn't it?

A few weeks ago Megan emailed and said she'd be down here for a visit.
In the midst of visiting family and friends, she stopped by my house for scones and coffee.
I felt pretty special to be on the list.
We had a great time.
She didn't mind hanging with my crazy kids.

Or doing a crazy pose for James' signature sideways picture.
Or the fact that William jumped into the picture.
Or the fact that some of us were still in our jammies.

Or that some of us tried to talk to her non-stop.
She didn't mind it at all.
Instead she kicked off her cute red clogs and we talked blogging, decorating, cooking, cats, kids and lots of other stuff.

And she brought me this fabulous vintage mug.
I have a collection of state glasses.
But I do not have any mugs, nor do I have any cities.
I love it.

Now I drink my coffee out of it each morning and I think of Megan.
Here's to you Megan, cheers!

I am so glad we met again through the wonderful word of blogging.
And I am so glad you came by for breakfast.
Blogging can bring about some pretty fun stuff.
I love making new/old friends.
Happy Thursday!
Love from,

PS. For those that think meeting up with a blogging friend is kind of odd, or maybe even weird, and that blogging is not a way to make "real" friends or forge "real" friendships, I'm going to respectfully disagree.
This kind of friendship might be taking place over the computer, but the idea of it has been around a long time.
It's called writing.
Pen pals.
Talking with the written word instead of face to face.
I recently read this book about Julia Child and her dear friend Avis DeVoto.
They wrote each other letters for years before they ever met; Julia from France and Avis from America.
Avis was instrumental in getting Julia's famous cookbook published.
Their friendship lasted a lifetime.
It was real and dear and funny.
The book was a treasure.
It's just a book of their letters to one another, but I found it wonderful.
A true testament to friendships made in unconventional ways.
I like that.
*read a review of the book here.


Betsi* said...

I totally agree! Like this one precious girl whom I knew just through my older sister who became a bosom friend through blogging. I think you might know her. ;)
I've had those weird small world experiences through blogging, like meeting a couple girls who followed my blog at your baby shower and having a woman approach me at church (she was just visiting) and ask me if my name is Betsi and if I blog. Or reading an article in a magazine about a lady's home and recognizing her as one of my followers.
I still don't announce to the world that I blog, because the world doesn't get it, but I cherish the friendships I've made
through it.
Especially your's!

Pam... said...


Megan B. said...

To even be compared to Julia & Avis is a thrill beyond words! I'm so thankful that I got to spend such a fun morning with you and the kids -- you guys are truly a special bunch!

Unknown said...

i totally agree. when i make a connection through blogging it reminds me of pen pals. fun story!

hennymats said...

Awwwwww what a sweet story :)

You know, I think that blogging just makes it easier to find those special pen pals, the ones that don't think you're strange but wonderful for all those crazy little things you love.

simply brookes: said...

great story, g. but then again, you attract great peeps. not surprised in the least.
thanks for sharing.

Cailan said...

This is so lovely, Greta. Such a great testament to the surprising but wonderful legitimacy of internet friendships.

hannah singer said...

oh, how i love this!
beautiful. hooray for blogs!
hooray for that snazzy mug.

hooray for YOU.

kelly ♥ let's die friends ♥ said...

Hi! I love your blog. You gave me your business card at Patchwork (Let's Die Friends tent) and it is the cutest business card I've ever seen. How could I not creep you after that?! :) Cute family, cute house, cute you!

Standard Business Card Dimensions said...

Great list of inspirational designs! Passed the list onto one of our junior designers to absorb!