Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Masterbedroom Makeover--Baby Steps

Having kids is helping me become less selfish.
It's bound to, you know.
As much as I want to keep sleeping at 3 am, when that baby is crying, I can only be selfish for so long and ignore him.
Eventually I have to get up and help the kid out.
Or give the 3 year old a snack, or wipe some one's rear, or read someone else a story after they've asked for the 57th time.
When you're a parent, you are forced to be less selfish.
Unless you are a total jerk.
And I'm only that sometimes.
The rest of the time, I'm learning to let go of my selfishness.

Our bedroom is a perfect example.
It was almost a year and a half ago that I started to redo our bedroom.
All that really happened was I got rid of our old, iron bed frame.
After some searching, I found some new bedding and also decided to actually do something about the beat up old bedside tables.
That meant I put them in the garage.
With the intent of sanding and painting them, of course.
But, like so many other things in this house, the project lagged.
That was as far as I got.
My house is one giant, half finished project.

It used to bother me.
A lot.
When I had my first baby and couldn't even clean my closet in one sitting because of his interruptions, I was not the happiest mama on the block.
Half finished projects were not my style.
I like to start things and then get them done.  
Right away.
Having someone else determine my availability to complete a project was a big adjustment.
And not one I handled gracefully.
There was a lot of resentment, frustration and at times, anger.
Embarrassing to admit, but true.

3 kids later, I've come a long way.
I don't have the energy to waste on anger over my half finished bedroom.
Or the unpainted bathroom.
The finger prints and nicks on the trim of every door way.
Or.......fill in the blank.
It's just not worth it.
Things will get done when they get done.
We will devote time to them when we can.
But we won't stop living life just to stay home and get things "perfect".
We live here.
With 4 little people.
We work, we school, we play.
Our home, our whole life actually, is a work in progress.
And I'm OK with that.
(except on a bad day when I get all hysterical and vow to get this house in shape and make lots of threats and promises to myself and maybe to my husband.  but we won't talk about that, OK?)

So, the bedroom.
We currently share our little room with Baby Davy.
We don't really want to invest in new furniture or a headboard because we have dreams of getting a grown-up sized bed one day.
Right now we sleep in a double.
It was pretty hilarious when I was big and pregnant and a kid would end up in bed with us, and occasionally, 2 kids.
I was so tired I didn't even care and slept with my butt hanging off the side of the bed.
That's real life in a little house, baby!
Yes, we dream of a queen sized bed
But in the meantime, we just needed something to hang over our bed in lieu of a headboard.
We found this at an antique market in Cayucos on our vacation.

It does not "go" with our bedding, but I fell in love with it.
Aaron did too, and we brought it home.
Sometimes all it takes to get you started is a little inspiration.
And believe me, we needed inspiration.

Just to jog your memory, here's where we started.
Old, metal headboard.
Beat up beside table, ugly lamp and toilet paper. (i must have had a cold)

Another view of the same stuff.

And here it is with bed frame gone, tables gone, and it's dullsville.

Here's what a little inspiration looks like.

This art is actually a piece from a vintage pinball machine.
I love the way it is worn and chipped.
It has a definite patina.
Not really mid century, but we are not living in a DWR catalogue spread.
We like things with a story.

Hanging the art inspired us to paint the tables.
We sanded them last weekend and then Aaron spray painted them.
I'll show you the before pics next post.
I think they came out soooo great.
He also painted the lamp.

Yes, we still have more art to hang.
And we really need to do something about the ugly, worn, plastic roller shades in the windows, but it's all about baby steps, people.
Because after all, we do share a room with this baby.

And babies take time.
But he won't be a baby forever.
So I'll rejoice over our baby steps, just like I rejoice over his.

If we only find happiness in the big stuff, we'll miss all the little happys that fill our days.
And now this room is a little bit of happy for me.
Love from,


Four Flights said...

Oh Greta I know this wasn't the point of the post, but at any rate you have helped me feel a little less down today. I'm tired and feeling sorry for myself and selfish. You have a way of reminding me to cherish this time and my littles. Thank you for that :) And the room looks great so far, but dang girl I can't believe you sleep in a double! We will be getting rid of a Queen size mattress soon because we just don't need it in our spare bedroom. It is brand spanking new and a really nice mattress if and when you're ready to make that lunge :)

Unknown said...

So cute!! I am a big fan of turqoise and red together! Btw, I have been following your blog for about 6 months now and just randomly saw you post a comment on my friend Brandi's status on facebook the other day!! Small world! :)

Kndbbdjk said...

Gorgeous! Love it!

mygirl said...

love how the lamp turned out and how it really tied everything together.

Mrs. R said...

Beautiful! I was going to say i liked the before but adding those small bits of red and blue took the yellow to a whlenew level! Im on my nook sorry for typos lol i know exactlywhat u mean about wantingprojects done rightaway, i only have one sonanother one onthe way. Ur blog has really inspired me not just inthedecorating sense but the mommy part too. Also proves u dont need a gigantic brand new home or stuff too to raise a family!

hennymats said...

I like the A&G best. No, I like the pillow best. Oh wait, I like the lamps best! Hmmm can't decide, I think I love it all.

BTW, we sleep on a small mattress, too. I like it that way - until kids and/or cats come to visit.

jill peel said...

Love this post - it was sweet encouragement for me today and the room rocks!
Always find comfort that someone else is living in an little house they adore... with four kids...and one sleeping in their room - makes me feel not so outside the norm. :)

hannah singer said...

so very sweet, such an inviting space! i really love your last sentences, amen!


tiff said...

i really like how you said, {our home, our whole life actually, is a work in progress.} its so true about everyone. i like how you write. thank you for beng so transparent with your readers!

actually love love love the colors and different things you have done with your room! great work!


Nicole said...

this is amazing!!! your style rocks.

and also that car your husband bought is insanely adorable.

i found your blog via my sister's blog Tiffany Joy. :)