Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Book Club Party: A Room With a View

I hosted my book club party this weekend.
It was perfectly wonderful.
I admit, putting together an outside party in 90 + degree heat wasn't my favorite thing to do
but it all came together, and it turned out to be just the kind of party I had envisioned.
Actually, it turned out far better than I envisioned.
Take a look.

We read A Room With a View, by E. M. Forrester.
I admit to suggesting that book with this party in mind.
A major part of the book takes place in Italy, and a summer time, Italian themed dinner seemed like it would be so much fun to create.
It was.
What made it truly amazing though was working with my partners, Brianne and Kristin.
Kristin is an incredibly talented photographer, and Brianne is an incredibly talented stylist.
Together they have been featured on numerous blogs, in magazines, and are downright famous.
The chance to host a party with them was pretty great and I knew to expect something out of the ordinary.
But even so, I was rather blown away by it all.
The attention to the details, both large and small, is beyond impressive.
To give you an example, Brianne pulled up in my driveway, opened the back of her van, and said to me with a smile, "I don't mess around, Greta."
And then she started wrestling that yellow dresser out the door.
Who brings a dresser to a party?
Brianne is pure awesomeness!
She also brought that huge chalkboard, the window sitting atop the dresser, and heaps of other props: books, lanterns, wooden boxes, even mustaches for the glasses.
My back yard was transformed into a wonderland.
The Italian soda bar was a huge hit. 
Kristin did all the artwork--she's more than a photographer--including these directions for making the sodas.
I now believe that every party should have an Italian soda bar.
Forget the booze bar--Italian sodas are way more delicious.
Maybe I should just have an Italian soda bar set up in my backyard all the time.
I do love that yellow dresser. 
We had favor bags for everyone.
There were Italian candies, candles, and painted mason jars, like the ones scattered around the party.
 There were Italian cookies for after dinner treats. (bought from an Italian bakery--we didn't do everything ourselves)
And there was candlelight everywhere.
Molto romantico.
 Our menu was a spread of Italian themed appetizers.
There was bruschetta, pasta salad, these roasted tomatoes, caprese salad, melon and prosciutto, roasted peppers and squash, and the most amazing crostini I have ever had. (recipe tomorrow)
All the food looked so pretty together.
We were running a bit late, so everyone was pretty happy when we finally let them into the backyard.
There was lots for them to look at.
For a bit, we all just walked around taking pictures.
 And then we ate.
My favorite part of the night, though, was when the sun set, and the candles really began to glow.
We sat around the table and talked about the book.
No one loved it as much as I do.
But I'm OK with that.
I was just happy for the chance to discuss it with fellow book lovers.
And doing it under the lights, outside, around a long table, drinking this for dessert, and lots of laughing together was just icing on the cake.
How fortunate I am to be part of a group of women who are so creative and interesting, so interested in living a beautiful life.
I like to think we are doing a pretty good job at living out George Emmerson's creed: 
Beauty, Joy, Love!
Here's to our literary society!
And here's to Brianne and Kristin, for helping to create the party of my dreams.
You girls are amazing.
Love from,
For more pictures, go here.  Kristin did an amazing job capturing the beauty of the night.


Four Flights said...

oh my goodness so beautiful!

Betsi* said...

I so wish I lived close enough to be part of your exquisite literary society! This looks so beautiful and how wonderful to connect with like-minded women. By the by, I would have also enthused, right along with you, about A Room With A View, as it's one of my favorite book friends!

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

Oh my heck!! I wish my life looked like this!! Can I join your book club...not to read just to swoom!