Monday, January 7, 2013

Out WIth the Old and In With the New: The Art on our Walls

I am happy to say that Aaron's been selling quite a few paintings as of late.
I am sad to say that I miss them when they go.
To see him making his art, the things that are inside him and who he is, and to know that people get it and like it, well, it's wonderful.
Making art makes Aaron happy.
Making art that people enjoy makes Aaron happy.
All of this makes me happy, too.
I guess it's just that even when it's for a good reason, it's still always hard to say good-bye.

The first big painting he did for us, one that hung on our walls through James' first 3 years of life, and then sold to a friend, is still missed.
It was a pair of giant Converse high tops.  (see it here)
James learned what a star was from that painting while it hung in our living room.
He still talks about it sometimes.
Then there was this painting that Aaron sold a while back.
James actually cried when he found out Aaron sold it.
We recently said goodbye to our trailer, Bambi.
Many of our friends expressed dismay that it was for sale.
"It is so you!' they said, "you can't sell it."
But Aaron took it off our walls.
Still, when Aaron got the call that it had sold, he said he felt just a little bit sick to his stomach.
It was a real favorite.
That's the hard thing about the art on our walls--it becomes a part of us, and thus, it is hard to say good-bye.
It's exciting to watch Aaron's paintings sell, and to know that people love them like we do.
But I won't say we don't miss them.
The above painting, "I Like Eich" is Aaron's newest.
I love it so much.
So, so, much.
If you are at all a fan of mid-century architecture, then you are probably familiar with the name, Joseph Eichler.
You know his houses.
And, if you are like me, you wouldn't mind living in one some day.
This painting celebrates the classic Eichler houses.
The windows, the roof lines, and the clean, modern look that makes them so special.
Eichler was not the architect, but the developer of the communities that bear his name.
But because he had an penchant for modern design, his houses all share a similar design sense.
It's one that Aaron and I, and many other people, like very much.

Aaron designed the painting and it is all painted free hand.
He is amazing like that.
It's perfect for someone who really Likes Eich!
Right now, there is only one painting, but he hopes to make prints like it soon.
Which is good news to me, because he took this painting off my kitchen wall this morning and took it to sell at Just Modern in Palm Springs.
Hopefully I'll at least get a print, right?

If you've been reading my blogs for any amount of time, you might remember some of the other paintings that we've had hanging in the house.
First there was ICE.
I loved ICE and we had it for a couple of years before Aaron thought of selling it.
He sold it ast week.
Getting this note from the new owner helped:
"Just wanted to let you know that I'm the new owner of "ICE" - just purchased it today from a shop in Palm Springs.  From the second I saw it, I loved it! "
That's the kind of thing that makes an artist's heart happy.
And his wife's heart swell with pride.
After ICE was gone, Aaron made the Bear, which he titled Promised Land.
I also loved this one.
We didn't have him up for too long.
He sold at Aaron's recent show.
I suppose the reason we love these paintings so much, aside from the fact that Aaron made them and we're his biggest fans and think everything he does is great, is that they are just a part of our life in our home.
We do a lot of living with these paintings.

And now that Eich is gone, the wall in the kitchen looks awfully bare.

Good thing I know an artist who can fill it back up again.
At least for a while.
You know what they say, the cobbler's children never have shoes, the doctor's children are always sick, and the artist's home always has bare walls.
Perhaps it's time for me to commission my artist for my very own piece.
The kids want their own paintings too.
We all thought it high time Aaron make each of the kids their very own painting to keep for always.
He was going to do it for Christmas.
But in the hustle and bustle of it all, we both forgot.
I think some birthday paintings are in order.
I guess I'm going to be keeping my painter busy for a while.
That is the fun part about all this, I do love seeing what he's going to come up with next.
It's always such a good surprise.

If you're still bothering to read this blog, thanks!
I'm hopeful there will be more regular posts in the new year.
The new year is nothing but full of good hopes, right?
So, I hope I'll be seeing you soon!
Love from,
PS.  Aaron is working on getting a website up and running where he can show some of his hand carved, linoleum block prints, paintings and hopefully silk screened and giclee prints as well.  
I'll let you know when it's operational.


Jillian in Italy said...

I'm always so happy when I see you have a new post up. I am so in love with your husband's art work. The colours and images are so beautiful. They would look perfect on my walls. Let me know if you ever want to organise a showing in Italy!

Betsi* said...

I am a huge fan of Aaron's work. I love how each of his pieces makes me feel nostalgic for a time I'm sure I lived through. ;)
I completely understand all of your feelings about having to say good-bye to his artwork. I also know that sickish feeling when a piece you particularly love finds a new home. Here's to rebuilding the home gallery. Happy creating, Aaron!

Unknown said...

I love your blog.
I'm a reader, for life.

melissa said...

i find your blog to be so inspiring and honest. even if you rarely post i will keep coming back. i would love to be able to purchase aaron's artwork online.

Mama said...

I was just about to say I want to see more paintings...and hopefully find something affordable. Excited to hear about prints!!

jessicaclarke said...

Great paintings. I also love the seating in your kitchen where did you get it?