Saturday, November 22, 2008


So, I've been wanting to make some art for the kids' rooms.  I am married to an artist, but that in no way guarantees me art for my walls.  You know the old saying about the cobbler's children having no shoes, well, insert art and walls and you get the idea.  Besides, I had my own ideas, and I am on a creative, crafty roll here, so, I made some collages.

You may not call this art, since I just used other people's art and just arranged it to my liking. Well, you'd be right, it's actually called design.  And whatever you call it, I like making them.  I used some images from old books I like, a photocopier, colored paper, scissors, paint and glue. All of these items working together to create 2 collages that I like quite a bit.  The best part though, was making them.  I had a lot of fun.

This is the first one I made.  The boys want a space room.  They love this book "If You Go to the Moon".  I used some favorite images from that book.  The colors are very bright, as are most of the colors in our house.  Color makes me happy.  I really liked this collage a lot.  Until I made Lilly's.  Now I like hers better.

The idea for Lilly's collage came from 3 places: birds, pink and orange.  When I was pregnant with James I found this darling bird material that I made into a "if it's a girl" blanket.  Since then I have wanted to do a girl's room with birds.  I also love pink, so that was a given in this scenario.  Orange was kind of a surprise.  I like orange more and more, and I have discovered, I like it a lot with pink.  Lilly's bumper is white with tiny, bright orange tulips on it.  It looks great with a hot pink sheet and her white crib.  This collage is a combination of all of those things.  And it is also about Paris, because every girl should have a bit of Paris in her room.  


Erin McDonald said...

Hey did we get you that book? I think we did. We found it at a used book store in Costa Rica. Don't tell any one because you guys were the only ones we bought anything for that trip. The souvenirs there were all made in CHINA so well we just sent post cards instead. Well the artwork is awesome! I love it and hey if you are felling crafty you can make me one. We are moving out of our cute blue studio apt into a much bigger all white walled two bed room apt. We are bumbed because we hate white walls but Justin is not up for painting again well not this week! So may I will go hunting for my own crafty collage materals and make one of my own too! We love this blog! Sorry we can't coment as often as we would like! Keep it up! Love you!

Greta said...

Yes, you did get Aaron that book. So he was actually the only one you brought a gift back for. Hee hee. It is one of his favorite gifts he;s ever gotten, and I am amazed he shares it with the boys cause he has a whole office full of his other toys that he doesn't share. In fact, I should put some pics of it up sometime. It's a pretty impressive display and a little window into Aaron's brain.
You should make collage. If there are any vinyage books that you'd like copied pages out of, let me know and I'll send them.