Sunday, November 23, 2008

See Jane's Shop

I found a new shop today. All you Long Beach peeps need to visit it. It is called See Jane and it is on Linden, between Broadway and 1st.

It is a great little shop. It is filled with unique, handmade, local and great looking items. She has clothes, pottery, jewelry, bags, home decor, and more that I could no fully investigate because I had 3 little kids with me. Her aesthetic is modern vintage. She does it really well. The place reminds me a bit of Blue Windows on 2nd St. but with prices the common man can afford.

I got this great pitcher there. She had a lovely white one, turquoise and a mellow green too, but I could not pass up the red one. I like it's clean lines. It will be perfect for holding cream for coffee. I have been trying to find a coffee creamer that I like for ages.
There is a set of 3 vases by the same potter, in red, or those other colors too. I have my eye on them. I'll post more pics when I go back. I actually didn't have my camera with me for once.

Please go to Jane's store. Wouldn't you much rather go to a store and find something one of a kind than go to the mall? It is a perfect place to send husbands for a gift. She had a great sale rack of cute clothes, and a gorgeous yellow bag. I admire some one who opens their own shop and fills it with things they love. Go there. You'll like it too.

See Jane
145 Linden Ave
562) 436-9869

Incidentally, a lovely Sat morning would be to hit the Farmer's Market on 1st and Linden, then go to See Jane for a little shopping. She opens at 11 on Saturdays.

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