Monday, November 24, 2008

Fall Walk

Sometimes it's hard to tell it's fall around here.  Especially this fall.  It seems like we've had only 2 or 3 days when it hasn't been 80, or hotter.  Don't get me wrong, I love an extended beach season.  But after a while I begin to feel a longing for sweaters and soup, hot tea and warm socks.  

Yesterday afternoon it was chilly enough (a brisk 65) to put tukes on the boys, don our sweatshirts and take a stroll around the neighborhood looking for signs of fall.  Besides simple enjoyment, our walk had another purpose.  Our friends, Erin and Justin, are living in the Philippines right now.  Over there they experience even less fall than we do here in Southern California.  None to be exact.  So we took a bunch of pics for our friends far from home, so that they can, albeit vicariously, enjoy a bit of fall beauty too.


Justin and Erin McDonald said...

Thank you thank you thank you! I love these pictures! Justin just said that the only fall we might experience in one down our stair case! So thank you again! Also you might have heard that we moved into a bigger and whiter apartment and we are in desparte need of a decore! So we were wondering if you could ask Aaron if we could download his pictures form his blog and print them to hang up in our place! Please! they will be printed out like post card size. Let us know if that is OK! We love you guys! Have a blessed Thanksgiving! We will be enjoying your mom's pumkin bread tomorrow at Tagalog class with our teachers and new friends! LOVE YOU!!! erin

Mommy of three said...

Good one Justin! I forgot how much I love your dry, witty sense of humor.Of course you can print Aaron's stuff. He said that if he has any pieces small enough to scan at work, he'll do that and we can send you prints of those.
I am glad you will be with friends on Thanksgiving. Are the friends in class from all over the world, the PL, or what? Happy Thanksgiving to you both. We love you guys.

Justin and Erin McDonald said...

Thanks guys and thanks Aaron, we love your art, its truly amazing, and like nothing else. We hope you guys are doing great and that you have a great Christmas. We love you guys. See you in March.


Mommy of three said...

I can't believe we'll see you in March!!!!!1 We are really excited.I hope we can have a big family BBQ here at the Eskridge home. We can have our famous BBQed pizzas. Have you ever had those with us? They are the best. Can't wait to see you both.

Erin McDonald said...

BB-Q pizza is one of my favs of yours. yes we would love to have a party in March!!! Oh and thanks for letting us print out those pictures. Justin put boarders around the pictures on the computer and then had them printed out and they are going to look great on our walls! Thank you so much for saving us from this mental ward!