Saturday, November 29, 2008


We had Thanksgiving at our house this year.  This is the first time we have ever hosted any holiday, the first time I've cooked a turkey and the first time we've had both families together. It was a big deal. 

As a kid, I never felt much excitement about Thanksgiving. I liked the turkey and the black olives my grandma set out, but not much else.  It seemed like Thanksgiving was about the food and so it wasn't really that big a deal to me.  I wanted to make this Thanksgiving as meaningful to the kids as it felt to me, so I set out to do just that.  We spent a lot of time talking about how wonderful it was that all the people we love best in the world were coming over for dinner and we needed to make the house look very special for them.  We worked on several decorating projects, but the hands down winner was: The Glitter Craft.  (Boy's name for it)

I love a project that has enough steps to stretch it out over a couple of days, and the glitter craft did just that.  We started at the park where we went on a pine cone hunt.   A couple of days later we went hunting for leaves.  When we were ready to get good and glittery, we spread out our craft tablecloth (although glitter got EVERYWHERE, so this was more for the glue) and went to work.  Usually I am not a stickler for certain brands, and if I can do it on the cheap, I will.  But for this craft, I will tell you it is worth it to get the good glitter.  I got the Martha Stewart glitter from Michael's and, yes, it was more expensive than your average jar of glitter, but it makes a big difference.  Besides, those boys used so much glitter, and there is still a lot left.  I think it'll last a while.

We watered down some glue and painted it on the pine cones, shook the glitter over them and Ta Da! glitter pine cones. The boys were so into them.  I think it was very gratifying to see something that they created look that beautiful right away.  Plus, they got to paint, they got to use glue and they got to shake shiny stuff all over the place; sounds like the perfect project to me.  They were so into it that when the pine cones were done, they were almost in tears, so we had to do the leaves.  I was planning on leaving these au natural, but they actually looked really pretty with glitter.  Then we glittered our leftover Halloween pumpkins.  It was a glitter fest. 
I definitely plan on doing this again for Christmas decorations.  Can't you see some silvery glittered pine cones?  Or white, or red, or pink?  I use a lot of pink in my Christmas decorations.  Whatever colors I choose, I know it will be another super fun craft.  And we'll have glitter from one end of the house to the other.   


Erin McDonald said...

Crafts are so fun!!! But when I am all out of fresh ideas I always turn to GLITTER! It is never dull and all kids love it even the big kids. For Christmas try mixing two colors of glitter. We did it once after we had done glitter for christmas cards and we had blue and green leftover glitte in the pan so I made a glue tree on the paper and using only the leftovers it became the envy of the room! then all the kids wanted to do two colors! Glitter is so fun but I agree a messy craft. I am glad to hear that you, like glitter, are fun and don't mind being messy! Messy fun is the best fun! Well you know! I love you and am glad to see you had a glitery Thanksgiving!
PS can you post family pictures. We would love to see every one! Thanks!

kristen said...

How funny I just picked up some pine cones up at Simons school. I was going to make those bird feeders that Erin made. I guess Ill have to get more for this craft. Dont you love pinecones?!

Greta said...

I just finished doing the photos at Lilly and the Brothers. Sorry it took so long. Aaron has been using the computer the last few nights for work. The nerve! I din't get as many pics as I'd like, but there are a smattering over there. I'm gonna put more pics of the crafty stuff on this one.
Kristen, maybe we could do some glitter pine cones with the kids at Mom's house. I know she'd REALLY love that! Glue and glitter, 2 of her favorite things.

Erin McDonald said...

Greta I love that you and Kristen are making plans to tramatize your mother. I knew you two were trouble from the moment I laid my eyes on you!