Monday, November 10, 2008

Our House

Our house,
 is a very, very, very fine house
With 2 kids in the yard.........


Erin McDonald said...

WE LOVE YOUR HOME!!! This picture makes us very home sick for Riverside! We loved living there in our three bedroom house. We were who we wanted to be there. We had normal jobs, 9-5 weekends off. We rode our bikes every where. We cooked dinner all the time. We packed our lunches all week long and they were good! I would even pack our local homeless guy a lunch that I would drop off at the freeway on ramp twice a week. We had parties there, we entertained friends. We had our first real Christmas there, not at my parents house. Every weekend we would ride our bikes down town and check out the local yard sales, and ride thru the historic part of town to see all the most adorable houses that look just like yours!

Mommy of three said...

It seems to me that you are doing a lot of the same things in the PL, just out of a tiny apartment, not a cool old, vintage house. You guys have an amazing ability to adapt to where you are, make friends and be witnesses to everyone around you. Example: packing lunch for the homeless guy on the freeway ramp. That is awesome, and something I have never thought of doing. That is just how you guys are, and I love that about you both. Loving others, in whatever capacity that ends up being, is your gift. People sense your love for God and for them, and are drawn to you.
And who knows, maybe there is a little craftsman hut waiting for you on the island! Love you.

Erin McDonald said...

The idea of a craftmans hut makes me laugh and gets me excited too! I never thought of that before! Thank you also for the encouragment. You know when you are just going and the days seem to run into each other and you feel like nothing you do means anything. then your best frined from home reminds you that it's the little things that make the differance! Like cleaning barf out of a pool or a phone call. Thanks!
I love you! tell the kids hi for me!