Sunday, November 9, 2008

Butternut Squash

So is there some secret to peeling butternut squash that I don't know about?  The recipe just says "peel the squash", like you are peeling a banana.  Meanwhile, I am trying every peeling technique I know of and I'm still mutilating the poor thing.  Aaron looked at what I was doing and asked if I was whittling.  Nice.

Once we got past the peeling part, I began to think I really like butternut squash.  I am ashamed to admit I have never cooked with it before.  It just wasn't in my usual repertoire and therefore was walked past in the grocery store for many a year.  But last week I decided that this was the autumn of the butternut.  Oh baby am I glad I did.  Once I got it chopped and simmering on the stove, my house began to fill with a delicious aroma, slightly reminiscent of pumpkin.  Boil until soft and throw it in the food processor.  Add some maple syrup, and butter of course.  It is good.  So good.  I think this little number will be making its way to my Thanksgiving table.  

I'd like to thank Orangette, my new go to place for recipes, for this one.    



Erin McDonald said...

Ok so I have a hint to peeling those things, Since living here I have had to find ways of cooking and serving anything that looks remotely familier in the grocery store, butternut and other types of squash have made there way home with me and we love them rosted, sauted, and steemed but I can't wait to try boiled with maple syrup! Yummy! ok so frist you cut the squash then peel the smaller sieces with a sharp knife on a chopping block. you lose a little of the flesh inside around the corners but saves half the time! Thanks for reminding me it's fall!

Mommy of three said...

Yes, that makes much more sense. My Mom also told me there is a special peeler, just for hard squashes. Of course, just one more thing to spend money on. I will try the knife thing first.
Happy fall in the burning hot PL. Should I send you some fall leaves? I'll post some pictures of the ones I've takes. It's funny-- your're in one of the few places that has less fall than we do here.

Erin McDonald said...

Yes saddly we only have dry season and wet season! Have I told you that Christmas startes here September 1 yeah SEPTEMBER ONE! Christmas music, decorations and everything! I am so sick of Christmas already and it's what November 14. Yicks! No fall and no thankgiving! What is this contry comming to? But fear not we are having turkey and thanks to your mom Pumpkin bread!