Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Friends

One of the best things about getting out the Christmas decorations is that it is like seeing old friends that you haven't seen in a year. You realize how much you missed them. Here are a few of my favorite friends.

I love these little snowmen. They are candles that I will never burn. Don't they look cheerful?

One of my favorite vintage Santa mugs. I found him at a thrift store.

A favorite vintage Christmas ornament. I got a whole box of these at a garage sale.
Didn't those people know how cool they are?

My sweet and snowy ceramic Christmas tree.
My grandma gave it to me the first Christmas Aaron and I were married.
I love it because it reminds me of the big one she always has at her house.

And of course, here is my big ceramic Santa. He is just so cute.
I got him at a thrift store on 2nd St and carried him home in James' stroller. while James (age 1 and a 1/2) walked beside me. I got some looks, let me tell you.

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Erin McDonald said...

great story about santa in the baby stroller! Two of my favorite decorations you gave to us two years ago. They are hangers that have snowmen on them that spell out merry christmas and well I haven't seen them in a year so I can't remember! But I am missing them. Praise the Lord our friends here in Dumagete have lots of traditional christmas decor and we are enjoying our visit!