Thursday, January 29, 2009

Brunch is the New Dinner

We had our friends over for brunch on Saturday.  We have decided that it is much better to have people over for brunch than for dinner.  We get up at the break of day anyway, the kids can play the whole morning and you don;'t have to rush home for bed time or face the impeding doom if you don't.  It is a perfectly lovely way to entertain.

I made 2 new recipes for the event.  Don't ask me why I try new recipes out for guests, but I often do.  Luckily it doesn't turn out too badly most of the time.  This time I made a Belgian leek and goat cheese tart and it was delish.  I could have eaten a bowl full of the leeks.  They were sauteed in butter until they became soft and slightly sweet and oh so good.  But combined with the eggs and goat cheese and heavy cream, it was wonderful.  The crust needed work.  But I am definitely adding this recipe to my go to list.

I also made this chocolate pound cake.  It was fair.  At the end of each piece was this dense, moist and very chocolaty bite or 2, but the closer you got to the outside edge, the drier it became.  That is the very thing I am trying to avoid with cake baking.  No one likes a dry cake.  

So I'll give the recipe another go this weekend.  I'll adjust the cooking time and perhaps even calibrate my oven to see it the temperature is what it claims to be.  I've never done that, and I have a feeling that is what a good cake baker does.


Erin McDonald said...

I have finaly started to bake things I would have never in a million years thought to try before, I am a tortillia making fool, I made cinnamon roll bread yesturday, Yummy! I also have tryed my hand at cooking, some of my favorites, chicken pot pie, Spinach Quiche, chicken and dumplings, sloppy joes, fried chicken, I could go on and on, but i need new ideas! Justin is getting tired of my list so if you have a good cook book I am in the market to buy a new one to bring back. I love you and want to say how proud of you I am for not only takeing such good care of your kids but also being able to keep your house and cook beautiful foods and have time to share them all with us!

Heather said...

GRETA! I haven't been by in a while (you probably know why LOL) But MAN your photography is really improving! (Not that it was bad to begin with!) You are doing a beautiful job! I love it! I'll have to show my Aaron, he'll love to see your "work" :) I'm so proud Love ya chicka!

Greta said...

Thanks!!!!!! Heather, on the rare day that I get to post here, it warms my heart to know someone (besides me!) enjoys it. I needed that.

Greta said...

Well Erin, less and less time it seems like some days. But I think I am just in a funk. Perhaps the bread rising in the oven will help my spirits rise too.
I think I just want a day off. Sorry to complain. I have a few recipes I will try to post at some point and maybe you'll get some new ideas. See you SOON!