Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rainbow Sighting

The other day it rained.  Aaron yelled at me from the front porch, "quick, there's a rainbow!"  
When there is a rainbow sighting, you have to stop, drop and roll out the door so you don't miss it.  I just had time to grab my camera.
But I didn't have time to get a very good shot.  This was the best I could get through houses and power lines.  (I need to move) But it is still beautiful.  And it is still magical.  And it is still a reminder to me that God is the giver of all good things.  
I love rainbow sightings.


Erin McDonald said...

Who needs a silver linning when you can have a RAINBOW! From our roofdeck on a clear day after the rain you can catch a glimps of rainbows all over. I have seen three from that cool place 23 stories up in the sky! I love going to my roofdeck and looking down at the world around me, so busy and full of life. I am glad for rainbows too! They are a great reminder of God's faithfullness! Thank you for sharing your rainbow!

Shannon said...

I saw a couple rainbows driving through your area one Saturday a couple weeks ago. Perhaps I took pictures of the same one! I, also, posted a picture of it on my blog, but it was taken while driving, and is not nearly as good as yours.