Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Crazy in Love

Actually, I would say these 2 are crazy in the water.  Crazy to be in this water anyway.  Not only is it cold, but this is the LA harbor, the area where the LA river empties, and some plain ol' dirty water.  Still, it makes a nice picture, doesn't it?  Hope you remember to tell someone you love them today.


Erin McDonald said...

oh we have all been there or sill be at some time! what a great shot! It makes me think of the time I made Justin's favorite chocolate pudding pie for our one month anniversary and we went to the beach,I thought it would be romanitc to have sparkleing apple cider to toast to, and at first it was but have you ever had apple cider and chocolate together! NASTY!! we both had slight stomach aches that night but we loved every minute of it! what we do for LOVE!

Greta said...

Hee Hee Funny story. We had a disasterous picnic at the beach too. It was so windy and freezing (Don't picinc on the beach on Valentines day) that our food, blanket, napkins and drinks kept blowing over. We gave up and ate in the car.
Now I picnic on the beach all the time--with 3 kids! My expectations are much lower and I consider any meal that requires no sweeping, no dish washing and no putting anything away afterward a real treat!