Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday Morning

On Sunday mornings I like to get out the door early and hit the grocery store and the Farmer's Market before church.  I choose this time because I can go ALONE.  Going to the store ALONE doesn't sound like much.  Unless you usually go with 3 others who make everything a tad more grueling.  

I don't always make it, but this Sunday I did.  On the way, I saw this incredible trailer. 

We love trailers around here.  A very large painting of one hangs in our living room.  Aaron dreams of owning a trailer, and until we do, he paints pictures of them.  I had to get some photos of the trailer for him.  And for me because, don't you know, my favorite color is red, and doesn't this trailer look so stinking cute in red?  I love it!  I want a painting of this trailer.  (I find I am much more likely to get art from my artist in residence if the subject matter excites him.  Thus the "I brake for trailers" moment.)

At the Farmer's Market. I saw some other cool stuff.  

Yummm.  Aren't you hungry right now?  Especially for strawberries?  This last one is cauliflower.  Yes.  That's right.  It looks like some sort of sea coral.  I thought it was amazing.  God has made so many beautiful things for our enjoyment.  Even cauliflower.


Erin McDonald said...

These pictures are making me crave the sunny California I came from! I want to go camping and eat fresh and fairly inexspencive strawberries while hiking a trail. I would also love to be able to drive my own car and be able to aford a trailer like this cute thing! But God know best! Maybe that is why you just bought a Mini Van and not a Suburban that could pull a trailer! hehehe Tell Aaron if we had bet on it he would own me twenty bucks! Don't worry I love no matter what kind of car or van you drive!
PS Ginger told me!!!

Greta said...

Hey, that van CAN pull a trailer. We asked! Ironically, we love the van. I'm gonna start a club, "I'm a fan of the van."

Erin McDonald said...

I am glad you thought of that! It is very important to take kids camping so you can teach them the basics of living! Stove tent and hiking boots! well ok and a camera to document it all!