Sunday, March 22, 2009

Indulge me

Iceland poppies
swaying in the breeze with their intoxicating colors.
I drive by them nearly everyday and smile.
Yesterday I stopped.
The kids were in the car, screaming
"Let me out!"
but I was lost in the flowers
It's spring
indulge me.

OK, upon rereading this post, I see a problem. While writing, I was caught up in poetic hyperbole. But in the cold light of prose, it just sounds like I am a neglectful mother. Please don't call CPS. I was steps from the car. And I was only snapping photos for 15-20 mins. Tops. Or maybe less than 5. Really.


Shannon said...

These are some beautiful photos. This sounds exactly like something I would do. I have embarrassed many a passenger by insisting we pull off to the side of the road so I could take pictures of something. Little do they know that I resisted the urge to stop a hundred times before while driving with them, even though my heart ached to stop for that "perfect shot" my eye happen to catch. You should see me at amusement parks. Disneyland has some awesome landscaping, and in the spring I find myself wanting to just photograph the new blooms! (much to the aggravation of hundreds of tourists trying to navigate their way to the next ride!) Anyways, indulge yourself! Your children will one day cherish your passion and your appreciation of the beauty around you.

Greta said...

Thanks. I really used to drive Aaron crazy with my photo taking madness. More so if I was making him be in the picture. I think after 14 year he is used to it. he doesn't even bat an eye now. In fact, he sometimes tells me, "you should take a picture of that." And my kids are so used to being photographed they don't even notice me snapping photos anymore. It's like they have their own personal paparazzi.
I think it is cool that we still like the same stuff Shannon. Remember art classes with Mrs. Vice? Do you still paint? I don't, nor did I really then, but I still had fun.

Erin McDonald said...

These poppies are beautiful! You are a great photographer and writer! Keep it up!