Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Dining Room Table

We got a dining room table a couple of weeks ago. We still don't have chairs, but we hope to take care of that this weekend when we go here. I can't wait.

Even without chairs, I am in love with my dining room. Especially my table. You see, I lived without a dining room, and more importantly, a dining room table for 8 years. What's the big deal about having a table? Well, we couldn't have people over for dinner during the cold months. When it was warm we used the picnic table in the front yard. Any more than 4 people in out living room along with a tiny, drop leaf table in it was too crowded to move. Even with only 4 people it was too cramped to be very comfortable. Before James, Aaron and I just sat on the floor and held out plates in our laps. When James began eating in the high chair, we carried our table out of the kitchen (the only place there was room for it, leaves down of course) for every meal. We put a vinyl table cloth on the floor to protect the carpet from spills, opened up the table, pulled out the folding chairs and voila! a dining room.
It wasn't too bad. We made it work. But by the time we had James in a regular chair, William in the high chair and my 8 month pregnant belly trying to squeeze through the doorway into the living room with the table, I was more than done with the whole makeshift dining room thing. It became almost comical.

When we moved to the Grand house, my favorite thing was having a dining room. It was heaven. A table at the ready at all times. I didn't have to set it up fro crafts or games. We could fit a table and guests in the room comfortable. It was wonderful.
Now I have the added luxury of a dining room table and a kitchen table. O sweet bliss. Since we were using our kitchen table as the dining room table at the old house, it was finally time to get a proper table.

It is quite nice. We found it at the Long Beach flea market and scored a sweet deal. I've always wanted a Heywood Wakefield table. But this one is a style I haven't seen before. I like the angular lines of it. It looks more 50s modern and less art deco. The color is darker than any HW piece I've seen before. It looks nice with our floors. It has 2 leaves. We feel very adult.
Before we moved into the house, Aaron was concerned that everything was not done. I reminded him of the place we lived for so many years. It was tiny and in such disrepair. Even though we tried to keep it nice, many of its real problems we couldn't do anything about. So this, baseboards not finished, door knobs not on, an ugly counter top, this is nothing. I have a dining room. And a real table. I am in heaven.


hereamiphilippines said...

hey saw a cool tv a while back that might suit your style perfect.

Greta said...

Holy Cow Justin!!! Those tvs are amazing. We actually have our tv hidden in a specially made credenza (Aaron designed it to exactly fit our tv and then Pat built it for us) because we don't like the way a tv looks sitting front and center in our living room. But if we had one of these beauties.....
Thanks for sharing. You are quite the information resource. Fridges, tvs. What's next?