Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sweet Anticipation

My parents are fortunate enough to have fruit trees.  Lots of them.  They've always had fruit trees. When we were little it was always a race to see who got the fruit first: the birds, the bees, us or Ben.  My brother would wake early when the peaches, plums or apricots were ripe and head out to the trees.  There he would partake in so much ripe fruit loveliness that he would sometimes get a tummy ache.  And, by the time I headed out for a juicy peach to top my cereal, there would be no ripe fruit left.

He made me so mad.

Nowadays it is still a race.  My Mom calls and says the plums are ripe, and I know I have to load the kids in the car and head down there.  Right away.  Because there is nothing quite so delightful as a just picked from the tree plum.  Apricot.  Peach.  Nectarine.  
Just seeing these babies makes my mouth water.    

Hope you get some good fruit pickin in this season.


Lillian said...

It grieves me to tell you the apricots, such as there were are gone. It looks like there will be no plums. Two trees, no plums. That's just not right. But, there are peaches. The life of a farmer is hard.

Greta said...

What??? And why wasn't I called about the apricots? Plums are my favorites. I'm bummed.
We will be there for peaches, thought. Don't tell Ben.

Erin McDonald said...

I love that you are keeping secrets form Ben who poor thing can't cook anything for himself and has to rely on nasty protein powder for his unnatural nutrtion and not to mention he can't enjoy the delights of real Milk, butter, ice cream, yogurt, or even a slice of cheese! You steel away the simple joys he has by denying him the first fruits!!!! ahhh well so sorry Ben! You did eat alot when we were younger!