Monday, September 14, 2009

Friday Finds

Yes, I know it is Monday. I feel it.
But on Friday I went to an estate sale. Here are my finds.

Oh how I love old books. Especially old children's books. I love the colors, the illustrations, the language. This old copy of Black Beauty is in perfect shape. It is fully illustrated, which the boys will like. It is also unabridged, which I like. It is a win win win!
But my favorite part of the book was when I opened to the first page and I remembered those words exactly. I felt like I had found an old friend.
This Sinbad the Sailor is in great shape too. The boys love it. I like how it is called a fairy story from the Arabian Nights. Did they mean fairy tale?
I collect vintage santa anything, especially mugs. Got these for a quarter. Yeah, I know the one-eyed Santa is kind of creepy. But I almost never find them in mint condition. Maybe I'll just turn him so it looks like he's winking at you. Or we can call him cyclops Santa.

This is my favorite!
I bought Lilly a doll house! A vintage Fisher Price doll house no less. It was dirty. It took a bit of soap and a toothpick to get all the dirt out of the cracks and crevices.
But look at the details. Don't you love this living room?
After I cleaned it up today, James and Lilly got out the animals and the Playmobil guys and the 2 of them played doll house. I asked James to keep Lilly busy, but I think he had just as much fun as her.
He even parked the car in the garage.

Here's hoping your week starts as well as mine ended!
Happy Monday to you.

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