Wednesday, September 30, 2009

From the Trip: Old Signs

I'm back from my trip up the coast. It was wonderful.
And now I have hundreds of pictures to share. Here are a few to get us started.

Old Signs.
You know how I love them.

This one was on an old, wooden, cooler case in a gas station in Big Sur.
This sign has been one of my favorites since I stopped in Morro Bay on my honeymoon. It is one of my favorite parts of the town.
This Foster's Freeze is in downtown San Luis Obispo.
It has a walk up window and outside tables. I love it.
The very art deco movie theater sign in SLO.
There is really no chop suey in China right? Although, the best Chinese food I've ever had was in India. When I was in China I ate at McDonald's. (Don't judge me. I'd been in India for 5 weeks, eating rice 3 times a day. That hamburger tasted amazing.)
Sometimes a sign doesn't have to have words to be cool. It just is.
Many more pictures to come, my friends.
Do come back.


Anonymous said...

Loved looking at these pics...San Luis and Morro Bay are close to where I was living before. I remember the Shell Shop and the some of the other ones!

Greta said...

Hi Cory! Be sure to check out my other blog for the next few days. I'll have lots of central coast pics up. I thought of you while I was there. Did you live in Paso Robles (spelling?) We wanted to check out the inland towns but it was like 95 degrees out there, so we couldn't bear to leave the coast.
Anyway, glad to bring you back some fond memories.

Anonymous said...

I lived there once, but the last place was Templeton, right next to Paso.
I haven't been there in over a year now to California. I love getting on your blogs and looking at all the pics and your adorable kids!