Thursday, October 1, 2009

From the Trip: San Luis Obispo

Have you been to San Luis Obispo? It is a town I really like. It is a place where I can imagine myself living. But for now, I visit. Here are some of my favorite parts of this great town.
There is a stream running through downtown SLO. There are paths to walk alongside it and bridges to walk above it. It is peaceful and serene.
Some people think the best thing about the creek is the creek side dining.

But we know the best thing about the creek is climbing on the rocks and playing in the water.
SLO is a great town for kids. My boys could have happily tromped in that creek for the whole day. The best part about it, playing in the creek is perfectly OK.
If you can tear yourself away from the creek, you can marvel at the gum alley.
Yes, you heard me right. The gum alley. 2 walls, covered solid, as far up as arms can reach, with chewed up gum.
The boys didn't know what to think.
There is an old theater. It still plays movies.
There is lots of beautiful architecture.
But my favorite part of San Luis Obispo is the Thursday Farmers' Market. It is the best I've ever been to. (OK, except for one in Arles, France. But I mean, here.)
It is packed. There is a whole section of prepared food. You'll want to try everything: tamales, kettle corn, pizza, and most of all, bar-b-q. Specifically from this place. The line starts long before the Market is open and stretches a block easy. The crew starts service with a rousing rendition of God Bless America and then do everything in their power to make your wait as entertaining as possible.
Even my 2 little, squirmy boys enjoyed watching the show.
The air is filled with smoke and everything smells heavenly. Just look at those artichokes.
After you've had your fill of prepared food, head over to the produce section and fill up your bag with some of the best fruits and veggies you've ever had the pleasure to put in your mouth.
These melons melt on your tongue. One farmer had cantaloupes so fragrant I could smell them from across the street. It was the best I'd ever had.
Many of the farms are right outside San Luis. Everything is fresh and lovely and the farmers have a real pride in their produce. I bought late season raspberries, peaches and tomatoes. It was a little bit of food heaven for me.
And the flowers...don't these dahlias just melt your heart? Displayed in coffee cans? I love it.

If you go to San Luis Obispo, please make sure your stay includes a Thursday. You wouldn't want to miss this. I promise.

There are also lots of great shops to peruse in downtown SLO. I didn't do too much of that, as the 3 little ones with me aren't big fans of perusing shops (except toy shops) but I always look forward to the day when I can. The main drag is Higuera street, with plenty of other walkable streets branching off from it. You can easily park your car and walk the town.

There is a children's museum, and a trip to the mission is always in order.

There is lots to do. But it is not so busy you feel exhausted. Just sip your coffee at a sidewalk cafe, or head down to the creek and enjoy it there.
If you get a chance, take a chance on San Luis Obispo. Maybe I'll see you there.
We're already planning our next trip.


Anonymous said...

I love SLO! I know all of those places. I'm glad that you guys enjoyed it there!

Rainbow Gardens said...

I love your pictures Greta! What kind of camera do you use?

Greta said...

Cory, glad to give you a "trip" back--no airplane ticket required.
Sarah, I have a Canon. It is the digital Rebel. I stuck with my old film camera for years until I could buy this one. It is actually a model from about 4 years ago, but I love, love, love it! I bought the body and the lens separetley so I could get the size lens I wanted. If you look around on the world wide web, you can find some good deals. Especially if you go with an older model. I also try to always shoot in natural light and I take a LOT of pics to get a good one. There is still so much to learn, but I am really happy with it. I think it is one of the best purchases I have ever made. It changed my life. I am not exaggerating.
And thanks for the compliment!

Erin McDonald said...

I am so happy you guys had such a nice vacation! It sounds as if you were abel to see many fun sites and taste more yummy delights! I am jelouse of your fresh produce! I spent a ridiculouse $6 on two peaches that looked good and smelled better but ended up being meally and no taste at all!! I was devistated! so I hope yours were better! I love you and so glad your back! this wekk was hectic here in Manila with the flooding but with out your blog I was double sad!