Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Poem For You Today

It has been a while since we've had a poem. This one is taken from this book:
This Place I Know Poems of Comfort
Poems selected by Georgia Heard
I really love the poems in this this book. They are warm,comforting, quiet and lovely poems. They make me feel good when I read them. Some of my favorite poets are featured. The illustrations are by 18 different artists and are just wonderful.

This poem is very sweet. Maybe you can send it to someone you love.

To You
by Karla Kuskin
I think I could walk
through the simmering sand
if I held your hand.
I think I could swim
the skin shivering sea
if you would accompany me.
And run on ragged, windy heights,
climb rugged rocks
and walk on air:

I think I could do anything at all,
if you were there.

I can't help but think of my man when I read this poem.
My husband is a gem.
He always know when I need a break. "Just be back by morning," he says when I am walking out the door.
He believes in me.
A half hour after I gave birth to our first child, he gave me a string of pearls. I wore them with my hospital gown.
He spent 6 weeks in India with my Dad and I to prove himself worthy of having my heart.

He is my best friend.
I would be lost without him.
Together, we can do anything. Maybe even survive the raising of these 3 little maniacs running around our house.
I think.

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