Friday, September 4, 2009

The Friday Treasure Hunt

I am becoming addicted to the hunt. More specifically, the Friday morning estate sale treasure hunt (with some good garage sales along the way.)
I found these 2 cuties last week. They are egg cups.
I have been wanting a set of vintage egg cups for ages now. And there they were, in some stranger's kitchen, waiting just for me. I promise I'll love them like you did.

I've had my eye on a pair at one of my favorite on line shops, but they were $25 a piece and I just couldn't bear to spend that much.
These were $4 a piece. Score one for Greta!
Handmade in Denmark even. They still have the original stickers and their little wooden pails.
I love that.
Oh yeah, and why have I been wanting egg cups anyway? First off, Aaron's dad used an egg cup for his morning egg when he was a little boy growing up in England. He told James about it one morning and I have wanted one ever since. Also, James and Lilly love eggs and toast. It is their favorite breakfast--we have it almost every morning.
So, a boy and a girl egg cup of their own seemed just right to carry on the tradition.
Besides, they are just so dang cute, don't you think?

I also found these glasses. They are so simple and modern, yet decidedly vintage. They go perfectly with my melamine dishes. Those once belonged to a friend's grandma.
These probably did too, and they were a $1 each. Score 2 for Greta!
There were no good estate sales this week. And, it is at least a million degrees outside, so I don't really feel like lugging 3 kids around a hot and crowded house. However, there are a couple good sounding garage sales tomorrow, and next week, I plan on hitting some thrift stores. I've been researching some good ones.
I've got the bug I tell you.

Hope your weekend is treasure filled!


pupandpony said...

I Love Love Love the egg cups. In fact should you ever tire of them... I just love vintage painted wood kitchen cuties. We have a whole collection of painted wood S&P's. And I love the friday morning estate sales. Suprised I never run into you!

Mommy of three said...

Wendy, did you see the salt and pepper shakers I got at another estate sale in August? Sounds like you would love them! You can find the post in my August archives. It titled "Treasure Hunting".
I'll keep a look out for you at the estate sales!
Thanks for your comments. I really appreciate them.