Friday, September 4, 2009

Something New # 4

Another blog goodie to start your week off right. Here it is, #4:

The Crafty Crow

I love, love, love this blog! It is such an amazing resource. Run by a home schooling mother of 3, The Crafty Crow is a collection of crafts found all over the blog world. If you are looking for a craft, here is the place to find it. Take a look at her categories; it is yet another place to get lost for an hour or two.

For example, I love this one using recycled materials. I use my mesh produce bags as scouring pads, but you could also do this. What a great way to teach your youngster beginning stitching.

And don't you just love bean bags? I have been meaning to make some for years. Maybe this will give me the get up and go to get it done! They are even cuter with the letters on them.

Miss Crafty Crow also runs another blog, Bella Dia. It features some of her own crafts, flea market treasures and other simply pretty things. It seems she took a summer hiatus, but promises to be back there more often.
At least go check out these turkeys. Is it too early to think about Thanksgiving crafts? These will definitely be on my list.

So head on over to The Crafty Crow. And then come back here and tell me what inspires you. Happy crafting!

OK, none of my links to this blog are working, and I have tried to fix it until I am tired of trying. Just click on the Crafty Crow button and it will take you to the blog. Sorry for the technical difficulties.

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